Cheap Ways To Furnish A Dorm Room

Cheap Ways To Furnish A Dorm Room

When your kids choose a college and decide it’s time to flee the nest, it sounds like great freedom. What they don’t tell you is that you are suddenly going to be faced with how to furnish a dorm room this year. Here are Cheap Ways To Furnish A Dorm Room that are sure to save your budget, sanity and their backs since they won’t be forced to sleep on the floor. Don’t forget those little touches of home when packing, and check the great ways to save on all the necessities and fun little accents. Also, be sure to check out the top Dorm Room Must-Haves which includes a printable!

Cheap Ways To Furnish A Dorm Room

Cheap Ways To Furnish A Dorm Room

Shop Yard Sales & Thrift Shops: While many dorms will have some furniture, there are the little things like microwaves, TV’s, tables, chairs, etc. that most students will want. Check out your local yard sales and thrift shops for great deals on gently used pieces.

Repurpose Old Items: Turn a comforter or bedspread with a stain or tear into a great new set of curtains or throw pillows. Grab a flat sheet in a bright color to cover an old chair giving it an updated look. Use old t-shirts torn into strips to make a fun bright braided throw rug for the floor.

Frame Family Photographs: Instead of spending a ton of money on art pieces for the walls, simply print and frame some great shots of the family to not only spruce up the room, but remind your child of home.

Customize With Washi Tape: This fun new way to decorate is super easy and excellent for everything from simple crafts to complex makeovers of a your room. Customize pencil holders, picture frames, hangers or your magazine rack with your own personal style. Washi Tape ranges from $1.29-$2.99 a roll depending on where you purchase and what type, this is a great inexpensive investment toward a great unique dorm room.

Cover Ugly Walls With Colored Sheets: Step it up a notch and dye or hand stamp patterns onto a simple flat sheet. Hang with hooks or simple tacks to cover an ugly paint job and add character to a room.

Hang An Indoor Clothesline For Hanging Pictures. Tack a simple rope along the top of a wall and attach clothespins for great easy and inexpensive way to hang pictures and art.

String Up Christmas Lights: Cliche? Sure, but oh so much fun! A $2 string of Christmas Lights offers a fun ambiance to a dorm room that the kids will love. Whether it’s soft lighting for studying and late night reading, or perfect for a “candle lit dinner” of Ramen noodles, it’s sure to be a hit with your college student.

Just because your son or daughter wants a fun and unique dorm room doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to make it happen. These cheap ways to furnish a dorm room are sure to give them a fun room at half the cost. Talk about what theme or style they are looking for, and then adjust your shopping list to fit their needs. Look around your own home for things you don’t mind donating to the room and make sure to let them express their own personality along the way.

Going to college can be expensive, but hopefully these tips will help you save! Be sure to read my tips on 6 ways to save for college.  You can find more ways to save by starting a money jar.

What are some of your money saving tips for College students??

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  1. June 24, 2014

    Another relatively inexpensive way to add some interest is to use wall decals. They frequently go on clearance, or you can also make your own by tracing letters or simple designs on colored contact paper.
    If you live where there’s an IKEA, their clearance section’s a great place to find curtains.
    You can also make your own pillow covers cheaply with thrift store curtains, or sheets, or check with relatives who sew for pieces from their fabric stash. Ask friends and relatives for any old pillow they don’t want and use your covers on them.

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