My Grocery Deals & Savings 6/1-6/18

 My Grocery Deals & Savings 6/1-6/18

Alright… it’s June and I’m trying to stay caught up catch up on my savings reports! You can check out previous reports HERE!

I use a Savings Tracker spreadsheet which does all of the math for me and a great way to keep track of your receipts! You can check it out HERE

So here we go:

June 4th- I did a little MEGA sale shopping Everything I purchased was on the MEGA sale list

This trip also included produce, Seagrams (about 10 of them- shh!), Meat and MEGA items from that week.

Total retail value $96.83, spent $70.23 not a lot of savings there.

Meijer Run 6/10:

Picked up Clorox Wipes and Ziploc Bags and some juice that was on price drop.

Retail value $38.29, plus received $12.00 OYNO back. Final cost spent $3.93

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 1.13.39 AM

June 14th- Meijer Run:

I scooped up FREE Little Debbies, Did the Clorox Wipes deal, More cheap Campbell Soup, plus a nice deal on Nabisco items. Kroger Run for more MEGA deals on 6/12 and 6/14- Total retail value $131.09, saved $77.43. OOP $53.66

Total retail $117.88 Spent $64.56 got aback $15 in Catalinas

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 1.13.55 AM

Target Run- 6/12

Total Retail $51.17, OOP $27.52, loved getting that FREE Tide, plus a nice discount on the sneakers and cheap Starbucks Refreshers


Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 1.08.05 AM

Kroger Run- 6/16 and 6/18 last run for MEGA deals and to score Brawny Paper Towel

Retail value $140.49, spent $42.22 after coupons and catalina offers

*these are all deals that have been posted on the blog/break down of deal scenarios, etc

I also spent $20 at Horrocks over the past week on fresh produce and chicken wings (if you’re local– they have the best price on Chicken Wings! )

So total retail so far: $464.66

Total Spent OOP $267.12

Monthly Budget is $300– I think I’m going to make it this month! Now, I will add this is lazy couponing. Especially the beginning of the month. I have not been keeping up with meal planning or being meticulous on my spending as I should be with my spending. Sometimes.. that happens. Lately my life has changed where I have more responsibilities  on my plate after the passing of my Mom so my head is not always in the game. However, I will still do my best to save money and stick to a budget (regardless).

I don’t see a lot of other spending happening this month. I do need to make a trip to Horrocks and back to Kroger for Grapes and Eggs, but that’s about it.


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