50 Free Or Frugal Things To Do This Summer

50 Free Or Frugal Things To Do This Summer

These 50 Free Or Frugal Things To Do This Summer are perfect for the entire family.  No only does this list include fun things for kids, but there are a number of great ways kids can enjoy them as well.  Set up a fun play date to do some, or plan a weekend out of the house with your spouse and kids to take advantage of the fun the last few weeks of summer allows you to have.

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50 Free Or Frugal Things To Do This Summer

If you’re in the Mid-Michigan area, be sure to check out over 100 things to do for free/cheap in Mid-Michigan.

50 Free Or Frugal Things To Do This Summer

  1. Swimming in your own pool, a community pool, the lake or ocean
  2. Riding Bicycles
  3. Do Puzzles
  4. Plant A Garden
  5. Paint their bedroom
  6. Go to the local park
  7. Write a book
  8. Play board games
  9. Read books
  10. Go to Vacation Bible School
  11. Go to church camp
  12. Go to free or discount movie days
  13. Play video games
  14. Learn to code using Scratch
  15. Play at a local arcade
  16. Go for a nature walk
  17. Go for a picnic
  18. Learn a new language
  19. Build with Lego’s or Knex
  20. Go to the library
  21. Have a sleep over with friends
  22. Watch a movie marathon at home
  23. Go to the local amusement park
  24. Skate for free at the local skating rink
  25. Learn to crochet, knit or sew
  26. Make friendship bracelets
  27. Go to the community center
  28. Learn how to decorate cakes
  29. Volunteer at a local shelter
  30. Learn CPR
  31. Babysit younger siblings
  32. Learn to cook basic meals
  33. Have a water balloon fight
  34. Play miniature golf
  35. Sell produce or crafts at Farmers market
  36. Visit the elderly at a nursing home
  37. Become a dog walker or pet sitter
  38. Raise chickens
  39. Build a game or app for the app store
  40. Make Youtube videos
  41. Mow a neighbors lawn
  42. Bake cookies
  43. Make homemade body scrubs, lip gloss or similar items
  44. Go berry picking
  45. Go fishing
  46. Visit a local museum
  47. Sell lemonade in a lemonade stand
  48. Camp out in a tent in your backyard
  49. Make S’Mores over an open fire
  50. Go Stargazing and use an app to help you recognize constellations
  51. Go Bowling for FREE

This list is a great place to start and create a fun filled afternoon, day or weekend for your whole family.  Use the things you have in your local community, or just on hand in your own home to make this summer an amazing adventure everyone in your family will remember for years to come. If you’re in the Michigan area, be sure to check out all of the things you can do right here in Mid-Michigan.

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  1. July 30, 2015

    Love all the stuff you listed here! Swimming pool and beaches will always be a part of summer activities.

    Your 14, 39 and 40 points are also somewhat on my list too!

    • July 30, 2015

      Thanks Ron for commenting! There are a ton of great things you can do that’s super cheap!!

  2. March 22, 2018

    I love your ideas!! So simple and I love that most can be done together as a family. What’s even better is that most are free!!Win, win all round. Thanks again.

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