25 Ways for College Students to Save Money

25 Ways for College Students to Save MoneyF

If you are a college student, you already know how tight your budget can be. Finding ways to save money while still being able to buy the items you need (and even want!) can be a challenge. But the good news is, there are plenty of ways for college students to live a good life for less. Take a peek below at 25 ways for college students to save money without having to resort to ramen noodles!

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25 Ways for College Students to Save MoneyF

25 Ways for College Students to Save Money

1. Always carry your student ID. Many retailers, shops, movies and restaurants offer a student discount but you can only get it with your ID.

2. Be an early bird. Get to restaurants in time for early bird or lunch specials. Matinee movies will also cost you less.

3. Sign up for store loyalty cards. You don’t have to be an “adult” to sign up for these cards. Get a loyalty card for the stores you frequent so you can enjoy the discounts.

4. Skip the soda. Is a $2.99 soda at a restaurant really worth it? Opt for ice water and lemon instead.

5. Invest in a bike. Not only is it great exercise, but it will save you on gas and transportation costs.

6. Shop thrift stores. They are perfect for clothing, house wares, decorative items and more.

7. Learn how to refurbish items. This way you can buy apartment furnishings second hand and spruce them up yourself. 
Trying to furnish a dorm room? Read my tips on furnishing your dorm room on a budget and also this one: cheap ways to furnish a dorm room.

8. Rent your textbooks instead of buying them. Or, buy used books instead of brand new. When I was in college, I loved checking chegg.com and textbookrentals.com Campus Book Rentals is another great place to check out for books.

9. Take advantage of the free concerts, poetry readings, and movies put on by the school.

10. Carry a water bottle to avoid buying sports drinks and soft drinks when on campus.

11. Carry high protein snacks with you such as almonds so you avoid buying pricey and unhealthy snacks.

12. Utilize Redbox freebie codes in order to see your favorite flicks for free. A quick Google search should net you a code or two.

13. Check out free sample sites online where you can sign up for free health and beauty samples. www.freegrabber.com is a perfect example.

25 Ways for College Students to Save MoneyF

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14. Visit your local dollar store for school supplies, cleaning supplies, and organizational supplies.

15. Get into the habit of buying the Sunday paper so you can take advantage of the coupon inserts.

16. Ride share whenever possible to save on gas. If you do buy gas be sure you use a gas app such as Gas Buddy to find the best deal.

17. Save those carry out napkins and condiments for use at home. They always come in handy.

18. Utilize nearby parks and trails for free entertainment.

19. Learn how to barter. Find a skill you have and trade it for something you need. For example if you are good at math, you can offer to tutor a student in exchange for something you need, such as ride, a meal, or even help moving!

20. Skip the salon and do your own manicures and facials at home. Find a barber or salon that offers student discounts for haircuts.

21. Find a great laundry soap recipe online and try making a batch. Washing your clothes will cost you just pennies a load. If you can invest in a drying rack, do so. It will be cheaper than paying to dry your clothes.

22. Comb Craigslist for deals. You can find free items being given away, cheap furniture, cheap clothes, and be the first to know about local yard sales.

23. Skip the gym. Either use the campus facilities or just get out and run. You can also look for free work out videos on YouTube. There is no need to pay for a gym membership.

24. Get creative with cheap food staples. There are so many ways to dress up noodles, rice, and inexpensive vegetables. Follow some budget friendly food blogs to get money saving menu ideas.

25. Take advantage of free wifi. Free wifi is everywhere these days. There is no need to invest in an internet plan. Instead, find a wifi hot spot and use it.

Saving money as a college student doesn’t have to be tricky! Give these money saving tips a try and you will see the dollars start to add up!

What are some ways you save as a college student?

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25 Ways for College Students to Save MoneyF

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