How to Save Money on Groceries With Coupons

How to Save Money on Groceries With Coupons

how to save money on groceries with coupons

How to Save Money on Groceries With Coupons

This is a basic question most people have when it comes to using coupons; “How do I use coupons to save on my groceries?

While this is a very broad question with a whole book (literally..there are lots of books written on the subject!) of answers, this post will be just some basics like where to find coupons, smart ways to use them and some simple tips. So if you are new to couponing, here are some tips for using them to save money on your groceries.


How to Save Money on Groceries With Coupons


First, let’s look at some places you can get coupons. The most common places to get them are:

  • The Sunday newspaper- you can check out the Sunday Coupon Preview each week to see what inserts are coming out.
  • Printed online via
  • Directly from the manufacturer (by writing and asking or by joining email or mail lists)
  • On social media (by following companies)
  • Directly on packages on the shelf (referred to as “peelies”)

If you are just getting started with couponing, I suggest asking your friends and neighbors to save the coupon inserts for you as well as printing off your limit online. Most of the time, the print off limit is 2 per home. This will at least help you get started.

To use coupons effectively, here are some tips:

Stack coupons if your store and coupon allows it. This is done by using more than one coupon on a product to get a bigger discount. This practice is getting harder and harder to do, but some stores still allow it.

Use coupons in conjunction with sales. For example, let’s say frozen vegetables are normally $1.49 but are on sale for 99 cents. You have a coupon for 25 cents off one. This means instead of paying the $1.49 normal price, you are using a coupon with the sale to get it for around 50% off, making it only 74 cents each.

Don’t just buy something because you have a coupon. This will lead to unnecessary spending on items you don’t need. Instead, only coupon for what you will really use, but also be willing to try new things.

Stop being brand loyal. Couponing will often require you to buy what is available, not only the brands you love. You must be flexible if you want to maximize your savings with coupons. This is one that I have a hard time following, because I am brand loyal. Especially when it comes to my detergent.

Generic is not always the best deal. You will find that with couponing, you can often get the name brand of something cheaper than the generic, so don’t automatically assume the generic is the cheaper of the two.

Shop around the get the best bang for your buck with coupons. Stores are in heavy competition for your business now that more and more people are couponing. Before you head out to get your groceries, look at the ads for the stores in your area and see where you can maximize your savings using coupons. Also, be willing to go to numerous stores to get the best deals. One stop shopping rarely saves you the most when it comes to couponing.

I have a ton of great tips that you can read and check out on how you can save on your groceries with coupon and without coupons:

First, be sure that you are signed up for our newsletter so you can get all the deals daily.

Check out the list of stores that we promote here on the blog and all the store matchups.

The Basics of Couponing

How to find good printable coupons

And did you know that we’re running a 52 Week Money Challenge here on the blog? It teaches you how to save a little money each week, as well as give you money saving tips. We also have a printable 52 week money challenge that you can print and stick it in a place where you don’t forget the weekly challenge.

You can find more basic coupon tips in our Coupon Basic Section!


What are some tips you have for first time couponers? I would love it if you shared your tips in the comments!


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