How To Save Money on Your Electricity Bill This Summer

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how to save money on electricity bills this summer

How to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill This Summer

Anytime the is a surge in temperatures or a dip in them, there is usually a change in how much money your electric and power bill is going to cost you. With summer on it’s way soon, there are some steps you can take now and while the heat is happening to lower your electricity bill.

How to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

Weatherize your home. Making sure there sure no leaks is not just for the winter. You will be able to keep hot air out and cooler air in if you seal any leaks you have in your home. This can be done in doorways, with windows and in your garage entrance. Add simple fixes to any leaks you find with caulking, foam or door sweeps.

Use the cool of the night to your advantage. Don’t run your air conditioner through the night. Instead, open all the windows and let the cooler air in. Shut them as soon as you wake up in the morning to keep your home cooler for a good part of the day.

Utilize energy saving drapes. These are drapes and curtains that you can purchase to help keep hot air out and cool air in. They are made of special material that helps your home stay at a more regular temperature.

Use your heat-producing appliances less often. Instead of turning on your oven to cook, use your crock-pot. It will not only save you money from the amount of heat that won’t be produced, but it will also cost less to run, usage-wise. Additionally, you can use the warm weather outside to line-dry your clothing rather than the dryer.

Use fans to help circulate air. If you don’t have central air conditioning, you will need to use fans to help distribute air through the home coming from a window unit. Doing so will keep the overall temperature down in the home and not make the unit work as hard.

Close off rooms that are not being used. There is no need to keep rooms like craft rooms, storage, bedrooms or other rooms that are not in constant use cool during the day. Shut the doors to them and let your air conditioning have less space to cool so it does not have to work as hard. Cool your bedroom and get it ready for sleep by opening the windows at night an hour or two before you intend to go to sleep, leaving the door still shut.

Find other ways to keep cool that don’t include using your air conditioner. Get outside and find some shade, hang out at the library (free air conditioning!) or play in some water. Other ways you can save in your house is by checking out all of the tips in the 52 week money challenge printable!

What are some ways you lower your electricity bills in the summer? Share your tips with us!

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  1. June 23, 2014

    I know I need to be better about raising the temperature in our house when we leave for the day in the summer.

    You said to open the windows at night but I always figure it will require the AC to work harder the nexd day to cool down whatever heat came in with the open window.

    • June 23, 2014

      Definitely not (at least in my case lol). I do not run my air at night. Which is probably the cheaper way (as far as rates are less at night then in the day). In the day I only turn on the air if it gets hotter than 75 in my house. We have great trees that provide a lot of shade so that is super helpful.

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