10 Easy Ways To Save Money In Every Room In Your House

easy ways to save money in every room in your home

10 Easy Ways To Save Money In Every Room In Your House


One of the best ways you can save in your budget is with the things you do around the house-be that saving energy or money!

In this post, I will show you how to save in just about every room in your house. The best part is, most of these changes are painless and can easily be done by just about anyone.


In the Bathroom:

– Use bath towels more than once. You will save money on laundry by not having so many to do in a day. Just assign one to each family member and use it for 2-3 days. This saves on laundry detergent as well as energy using the dryer and washer. Just make sure to hang them when done to avoid that musty smell.

-Don’t spend money on mirror cleaners. Instead use ammonia mixed with a little bit of water.

-Try to fix things like leaky faucets and plugged drains yourself as often as you can to avoid high cost plumber visits. Many Do-it yourself projects this simple can be done with a simple instruction from a Youtube video or blog.

In the Kitchen:

-Learn to cook. If you can cook easy meals on your own, you are less tempted to eat out as often. I know this is usually my weakness. It is always so easy for me to just grab Wendy’s for the kids or grab a Pizza! However I am doing better at meal planning which is the MUST-DO if you want to save money in the kitchen!  (I have a post coming out about later on this week!)

-Don’t buy the newest gadgets when they come out. If you just have to have one, try to find it used. Many times new gadgets are not as great as the hype that surrounds them and buying them is just a waste of money.

-Plan your meals around what you already have. This makes sure that no food is wasted and will help you cut the amount of time you spend at the store is as well as how much money you spend.


In the Bedroom and Living room:

-Redecorate without spending a ton of cash. Just buy two “wardrobes” with throw pillows, rugs and curtains by bargain shopping at thrift stores and sale racks. You can then feel refreshed when you take out the new stuff when the season changes without spending too much money. This also extends the life of your things by having them rotate.

-These rooms are huge energy wasters. Make sure you turn off lights, Tvs, computers and radios when not in use. You may not think its much of a big deal, but doing this can save you a lot of money in energy costs each year. Consider also doing an “unplug” day once a week with your family. No iPods, Tvs, computers or videogame systems. Instead, go outside or play board games.


Laundry Room:

– Make your own detergent. There are a ton of recipes online to make your own and each load will cost you pennies this way. This is by far the biggest way to save cash in the laundry room.

– Clean your lint traps regularly. Your clothes take longer to dry (wasting energy) when these are dirty. Plus, it can be a fire hazard.


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  1. These tips are on point Tatanisha. We try to fix things ourselves and DIY as much as we can. When we were paying off consumer debt it challenged us to find frugal way to make it happen.

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