7 Places to Find Coupons in the Grocery Store

Love using coupons? Did you know you can find coupons in the grocery store? I’m sharing 7 places to look for coupons at the store, allowing you to maximize your savings! 

Love using coupons? Did you know you can find coupons in the grocery store? I'm sharing 7 places to look for coupons at the store, allowing you to maximize your savings! 

7 Places to Find Coupons in the Grocery Store

Don’t you hate it when you arrive at the grocery store and realize you have left your coupons at home? A wave of fear might wash over you as you can’t stand the thought of shopping without them, but if you are crunched on time running back home may not be an option. So what do you do? Well, the good news is there are plenty of spots right in your own store where coupons are lurking about. In fact, many shoppers don’t even clip coupons and instead just keep their eyes open for these additional savings. Take a look below at 7 places to find coupons in the grocery store, so you can be sure to get the items you need for less, even without coupons in tow!

Where to look for coupons in the grocery store

1. The Weekly Ad. Chances are you will already be grabbing a copy of the sales flier as you walk into the store. This will not only feature all of the sales you should pay attention to but may include some coupons as well. At Meijer, you will find the fliers at the front of the store. Many times they will have store coupons for the eye store (money off an eye exam, etc). You will also find coupons for the Meijer pharmacy at the back of the flier (this will VARY by location. Meijer runs coupon promotions like this at select stores). This is usually the type of store coupon I see in the Meijer ad. If you shop at Kroger or Target, you will also find store coupons in their ads as well. Grab a flier when you enter so you don’t miss any easy savings you have coming your way.

Pro-tip: If you shop at Meijer, be sure to check the front of the store by the weekly ad for a semi-monthly booklet. They put these booklets out from time-to-time with coupons in them.

2. Directly on the product- Peelies. Peelies are one of the easiest ways to find coupons in the store! Peelies are sticky coupons stuck on to the packaging and good for use on that purchase. They usually have a “save now” type of wording on them. When you check out, the cashier will tear the coupon off and use it. So easy! Some stores require the cashier to remove the sticker, so keep this in mind before getting peeler happy!

3. Blinky Machines. These machines tend to hang on the aisle fixture and you can easily find them because they feature a small blinking light on them. When you find one of these machines you can tear out a coupon good on the product it is typically displayed near. So keep your eyes open for blinking and see what coupons you can find! I have found some amazing coupons this way- also waiting to use those coupons when the item was on sale, giving me the best bang for my buck.

4. On the store’s website/mobile app. Check and see if there is a mobile app for the store you are shopping at. If so, download it! Chances are you will find exclusive digital coupons right on the app. These apps are typically free as well and are a great way to access sale ads and other money-saving items. Meijer has the Meijer mPerk Program, which also includes reward offers. Kroger offers a ton of digital coupon offers when you sign up for their free Kroger account and download the app to your mobile device. You can also access their coupons via desktop and check out using your phone number. CVS, Walgreens, Target, Dollar General and Family Dollar also offer digital coupon offers, so be sure to download their store apps and sign up for a free account.

5. Try other digital coupon apps. You have quite a few options out there when it comes to digital coupons. Even sites like RetailMeNot.com offer digital coupons for a wide variety of stores. Keep a digital coupon app on your phone so when you forget your coupons, you have a backup supply.

6. Catalinas. This is the receipt that prints out with coupons on it, and usually accompanies your grocery receipt. Check the coupons and see if any of them are one you can really use. If so, put your groceries in the ca and come back in and redeem them. These offers will vary. When you stack the Catalina offer with an item that’s on sale, you will save the most money. And sometimes these Catalina offers are STORE coupons, which allows you to stack this type of coupon with a manufacturer coupon, saving even more money!

7. Brand booths in stores. Quite a few brands have booths in grocery stores offering free samples and coupons! This is a great way to try out a new product and save money.

Are you ready to save some cash even if you left the coupons at home? Consider these 7 places to find coupons in your local grocery store and see if they can help!

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