BEST Turkey Prices Around Town

BEST Turkey Prices Around Town

Buying a turkey this week? Here’s a list of the best turkey prices around town!

BEST Turkey Prices In Town


Updated 11/16/2018


Kroger Turkey, Frozen, USDA Grade A, $0.47 per lb Limit 2 **must purchase an additional $25 to get this price

Fresh Butterball Turkey- $1.59 per lb w/ card (valid until 11/22)

Turkey Amish Tom Fresh-$1.99 per w/ card (valid until 11/22)

Honeysuckle White Turkey Breast- $1.79 per lb w/ card 

Frozen Butterball Turkey- $0.97 cents per lb w/ card- Limit 2 w/ $25 with pruchase

Ham Deals for Kroger valid until 11/22

Kroger Spiral Honey Ham Half – $1.79 per lb w/ card 

Pork Shank Portion Smithfield- $1.59 per lb w/ card

TARGET TURKEY PRICES (valid 11/4-11/10)

Market Pantry Frozen Turkey,- $0.79 per lb

Butterball Frozen Turkey, $0.99 cents per lb

Plus get a $10 Gift Card from Target when you buy $50 in Food/Beverage

ALDI TURKEY PRICES (valid thru 11/17)

Butterball Whole Turkey, 10-22 lb- .87 cents per lb (limit 2) **this was cheaper than last year’s price

Fresh Whole Turkey – $1.19 per lb *limit 2

Organic Turkey, 12 lb- $2.99 per lb *limit 2

Ham Deals for Aldi:

Appleton Farms Spiral-Sliced Half Ham- $1.69 per lb

Appleton Farms Spiral-Sliced Double Glazed Brown Sugar Ham- – $1.89 per lb

WALMART TURKEY PRICES: (current prices)

Butterball® Frozen Turkey .98 per lb  **this price may vary depending on regional

Jennie-O Turkey- $0.68- $1.98 per lb


Fresh Thyme Natural Turkey- $0.97 per lb

Fresh Thyme Natural Turkey Breast, bone-in- $1.39 per lb

MEIJER TURKEY PRICES (Valid thru 11/24):

This weekend only 11/15-11/17 you can get a FRESH Turkey at Meijer for $0.87 per lb

Meijer Frozen Grade A Turkey, $0.37 per lb *limit 1 per transaction (compare to last year’s turkey price)

***this is a FANTASTIC deal. And LOWER than last year’s price. Plus, last year, you had to spend a certain amount of $$ to get the Turkey price. Not with this sale!

If you live in Wisconsin, you have to buy $25 worth of items to get this price. Everyone else, there is no price limit.

Butterball Frozen Grade A Turkey, $0.97 per lb *limit 1 per transaction

Honeysuckle Frozen Grade A Turkey, $0.67 per lb *limit 1 per transaction

Ham Deals for Meijer:

Meijer Spiral Half Ham- $2.49 per lb

Cook’s Shank or Butt Portion Ham- $1.99 per lb

So who has the best price?

So far, Meijer wins as the best price for a non-brand Turkey.

Aldi wins for a brand Turkey (Butterball), so plan accordingly!

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  1. God bless each & every person doing this. What is more important is you can feed 2-0or 3 families, just knowing that they have a warm thanksgiving meal to eat, we can all count out blessings, another way is to get friends or family members, to do this, & show how grateful they are, if they find time to fix turkeys & few sides, & take them to someone they may know who may not be fortunate as others, God bless each & everyone for the great work

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