Meijer mPerk Program, Sign Up Today! Plus Tips On How To Work Mperks!

Now that Meijer will stop doubling coupons (in my area- Jackson/Lansing) be sure to sign up for Meijer mperks!

It has been stated by General Manager and Corporate that they plan to make a bigger push for the mperks program! I know many of my heavy coupon fans already have an account, but if you haven’t signed up yet– do it now!

In the past you had to have a mobile smartphone with text messaging capabilities to use Meijer mperks. Well, not anymore. You do not have to have the text option (as how it has been promoted in the past). Meijer changed that process and now you can actually call their office to get your validation code and active your Meijer mperk account!

Here’s a little bit about how Meijer mperks work:

  1. Simply sign up for mPerks with your mobile phone number and clip the offers you want.
  2. Then, just punch in your mobile phone number and PIN at checkout and instantly redeem your savings.
  3. No scissors needed.

Keep in mind a few things:

  • Meijer mperks DO NOT double.
  • You cannot stack a mf coupon and a Meijer mperk coupon together (UNLESS the Meijer mperk is a store coupon)
  • Most of Meijer mperks are manufacturer (mf) coupons so that is the reason why you are not able to stack them!
  • Once the offer has been redeemed from your Meijer mperk account, it cannot be used again. It can only be used one time.

A Few Tips:

  • I usuallly keep a printable copy (or save in my smartphone) of my current Meijer mperks. There has been a few times in the past where it said my mperk was not available and I know that I clipped it. I was able to show that to the cashier (or customer service) and they fixed the problem .
  • Always check to see the mf coupon you have in your hand is better than the Meijer mperk. If so, do not clip the Meijer mperk. The Meijer mperks will automatically come off once you type in your mobile number and void out any mf coupons for the same thing.
  • Always check the expiration date on your Meijer mperks and try to use them (when possible/necessary) before they expire.
  • Check your Meijer mperk account frequently for “just for me” bonus offers and additional mperks.
  • Try to look for deals where you can stack a Meijer mperk STORE coupon with a mf coupon to get the most bang for your buck!

I’ve had quite a few readers tell me that they were told that you cannot use Meijer mperks with mf coupons anymore. It appears that many Meijer stores was still working this way until now. Consider yourself lucky that you were able to stack Meijer mperks (That was a mf coupon) plus a mf (paper) coupon together. They stopped doing that back in April of 2012 in my area. You CAN stack store Meijer mperks and mf coupons together, but not two mf coupons!

If you have questions on the recent changes, feel free to leave a comment!

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