Old Spice Deals at Meijer This Week!

old spice deals at meijer

If you’re a fan of Old Spice products, check out the deals we scored this week at Meijer on Old Spice products (plus Olay too!)

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old spice deals at meijer

Old Spice Deals at Meijer This Week!

This week at Meijer, we have the P&G promotion on participating Beauty and Household items. (Sale ends 9/30/23)

Spend $25 on P&G Household Items, and get a $5.00 Store Catalina (to use on future purchases)

Spend $20 on P&G Beauty/Hygiene products, and get a $5.00 Store Catalina (to use on future purchases)

What is a Store Catalina?

Reading this post, you can get in-depth details about how Catalinas work at Meijer

In short, a Catalina coupon comes from a little machine that spits out coupons and ads in conjunction with your receipt. (This is by the register when you check out). 

I was interested in stocking up on a few Old Spice products since we have a $5/3 Meijer mPerk on Old Spice products and a few Ibotta rebate offers, too! 

If you don’t have an Ibotta account, you can sign up for a Free account here! 

Here are the deals I did at Meijer tonight:

Old Spice Body Wash, $6.99

Buy (3)

= $20.97

  • Use a $5/3 mPerk coupon for Olay and Old Spice Body Wash

Pay $15.97

  • You will receive a $5 Catalina Store Coupon to use on a future purchase (part of the P&G Promotion, spend $20, get $5 Store Catalina)
  • Submit for $2/1 Ibotta (can be redeemed up to 4x) – $6.00

Final cost= $4.97+ tax (comes to $1.66 each)

*There is a Bonus Ibotta to earn $1 for every 3 offers (this applies to the body wash, deodorant, and hand & body lotion)

Old Spice Deodorant, 3 oz (be sure to get the right variety to count for Ibotta!!) on sale for $3/17.97 (the 4th will be $6.49)

Buy (4)

= $24.46

  • Use the $5/3 mPerk coupon for Old Spice Deodorant

Pay $19.46

  • You will get a $5 Store Catalina
  • Submit for $2/1 Ibotta (can be redeemed up to 4x) – $8

Final cost= $6.46 +tax (comes to $1.61 each)

These are both great deals on Old Spice products! 

I also grabbed a few Olay Bodywash products and used a $5/3 mPerk 

$6.99 x 3= $20.97

  • Used a $5/3 mPerk

Pay- $15.97, received a $5 Store Catalina

Final cost= $10.97 (approx $3.66 plus tax)

This is an average deal. I usually can score Olay products for around this price or less with the P&G offers at Sam’s Club or Costco. 

The P&G Promotion will be running until Saturday, 9/30 at Meijer. 

Head over to your Meijer mPerk account and clip the P&G coupons that you can use with this Catalina promotion. 

Can I roll the P&G Store coupon into another deal?

 This type of Catalina offer is a MEIJER Catalina offer. That means it will not roll– meaning if you buy $20 of P&G health & beauty items, you will get a $5.00 OYNO. If you take that $5.00 OYNO and buy $20 more of P&G health & beauty brand items, you will NOT get another $5.00 OYNO Catalina to print. So, it’s best to use that $5.00 OYNO on something else.

******* This may vary. Meijer USED to allow this type of rolling to happen. As of 2023, I have not tested this out (again) to see if you can still do this. You can take that $5.00 OYNO from the P&G Health & Beauty brand promotion, use it on the $5.00 on the $25 P&G Household brand, and get it to print. Since these are two different promotions, you can use the Catalina coupon from one promotion and use it on the other promotion and still get a Catalina to print!

Find more GREAT Meijer Deals for this week.

Not familiar with how to read inserts, check out the coupon lingo, click HERE!  


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