My Shopping Trip: 1/14/2012

Last week on Facebook I posted that I planned to spend $10 for about $100 worth of groceries.

Then I received a ton of coupons in the mail (ordered using clipping service/ebay) that went along with some of the sale prices from last week.

I went shopping on 1/8. 1/13, and 1/14. So the picture you see below only shows the items from the 13th and the 14th, but I included all the three shopping trips in my total. (The trip from 1/8 was at Meijer, but all of that stuff was put away before I remembered to get a picture).

This is not the best picture so I am going to break down what I brought:

Total value $646.45  Out of my pocket $100.27 (if I factor in the amount I spent to buy the coupons, add another $10).

Kroger (coupons double up to .50 cents)

4 Tide Detergent

4 Charmin 9 pack Toilet Tissue

12 Nabisco to Go  Cups (10 for $10, used $3/3= FREE)

8 Oscar Mayer Lunchables w/ Fruit ( on sale for 2 for $4, used the .50 cents/1 coupon= $1)


Meijer (coupons double up to .50 cents)

1 lb of Bananas

1 lb of Onions

4 Crates of Strawberries

3-pack Romaine Lettuce

Bag of Potatoes

5 cloves of garlic

1 lb of Grapes

24 eggs (2 packs)

6 Cream of Mushroom soup (on sale for .79 cents, used .40 cents/3 coupon and mperk)

6 Cream of Chicken soup

6 packs of Hamburger Meat (each $3 to $4)

1 pack of Salmon ($7)

1 pack of Pork Chops

3 bottles of Ketchup

2 Packs of Kraft Sliced Cheese (used .50 cents/1 coupon)

4 boxes of Kleenex (each $1.25, after coupon .25 cents)

30  packs of Kraft Shredded Cheese (on sale for 3 for $6, used a variety of coupons, .50 cents/2, $1/2, and $1.25/2)

22 Nivea Body Lotion (on clearance for $2.99, used a $5/2 coupon, paid .50 cents each)

2 Eco Tool Nail Accessories (use $1/1 coupon, each .50 cents)

2 Spin Toothbrushes (on clearance for $4.79, used $2/1 coupons)

4 Canes of Diced Pineapples (.89 cent each, used .50 cents/2 coupon)

6 packs of Hunts Snack Pudding (each $1, used .45 cents/3)

2 bottles of Soy Sauce (used $1/1 coupon, each  .56 cents)

2 packs of Dannon Daniamls Yogart ( $1.89, used $1/2 mealbox and mperk)

24 Nabisco Snack Snak- variety- each $1.67, (used a variety of coupons $1/2 and the $3/3) paid . 67 cents for some bags, and a $1.17 for other bags

1 Parmesan Cheese

Bottle of Orange Juice

6 boxes of Kool Aid Jammers



6 Sunbelt Granola Bars (each $1.88, used a b1g1 free coupon)

6 BIC pens (each .97 cents, used $1/1 coupon= FREE, plus overage which went towards the other stuff)

6 Cascade Dish Detergent packs (trial size, used $1/2. .97 cents paid .47 cent each)

I Don’t Know How She Does It DVD ($14.96, used $3/1 coupon)

Ben & Jerry Chunky Monkey

8 Nivea Hand Lotion for $2.97 (used $5/2 coupon)

4 BIC Shavers each .97 cents (used b1g1 free coupon)

1        Scotch Disinfectant Wipes (used b1g1 free coupon)

27 Nabisco Items (chips ahoy, Wheat Thins, Oreo Cookies, Teddy Grahams- all FREE)

3 Crest 3d Whites ($3.98 used $7 coupon that gave overage)



2 Axe Detailer Shower Tools (on sale for b1, get 1 50% off, used b1g1 free coupon)

6 Axe Body Wash (on sale for b1, get 1 50% off, used b1g1 free coupons)

2 Gallon of Milk- $2.29

I also had $80 in pharmacy $$ and $50 in a variety of Visa Rebate cards) I had a coupon for 85% of my haul. For what I didn’t have a coupon for- it made up in overage from Walmart, and using the Pharmacy coupons at Meijer (for meat and produce. also Meijer had a 5% off mperk off of Meijer products)

Total value $646.45, OOP $100.27

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  1. Carol
    January 16, 2012

    WOW I would say you did great, what a savings, and thanks for all the hard work you do putting the deals together for us, I for one sure appreciate it. Have a great week.

    • January 17, 2012

      Thank you Carol! I definitely loved shopping this past week with all of the goodies that I got for free!!

  2. January 20, 2012

    That is certainly some great deals and I can see where you would be thrilled! I do not use clipping services due to advice from the CIC (they are a nonprofit agency created in 1985 and they seek to enhance the integrity of couponing). Also, I know that Ebay experiences a high rate of fraudulent coupons so everyone needs to be cautious if you are purchasing from there or other coupon clipping sites. CIC Link:

    • January 20, 2012

      Thanks for the information Makayla! I will have to explore this more. I just find using a clipping service saves me a lot of time especially when I need to stock up on a certain item. I know there have been a lot of issues with Ebay and only use them when I need something that I can’t find anywhere else. The question that I always come back to is- CIC and other couponers say you shouldn’t pay for the coupons, but you’re technically paying for them when you buy the paper. I don’t buy the newspaper to read it. I recycle the paper and only keep the coupons. Unless you are getting your coupons totally for FREE (recycle bins, friends & family), you’re technically paying for it? Would you agree w/ that or no??

      • January 20, 2012

        I only purchase Sunday papers for the coupon inserts as well so I completely understand what you are saying in that respect. However, purchasing newspapers to obtain coupons is not the same as using a clipping service. The newspaper purchase is a legitimate and ethical way to procure coupons because that is the method that the manufacturers have agreed to distribute coupons within our region. Another route that is just as ethical and above-board would be coupon swapping where no money is exchanged and I know that it is a method that this site advocates. 😀 There are two major issues with coupon clipping services. The first is how the coupon clipping services gets their inserts. On sites like Ebay you do not know if the person actually purchased extra inserts from the paper or if they are stolen (coupon insert theft is on the rise and a big problem in some areas). The second and biggest problem arises due to the “resale” language that each manufacturer states in the coupon. It is illegal to resell a coupon. Sure, they try to get around it by stating that you are not paying for the actual coupon but their time and shipping/handling. It is a farce. I have included a great article on why coupon clipping sites are hurting other couponers because manufacturers are changing the way the coupons are printed, such as shorter expiration dates, limiting the number of like item coupons in a single transaction, and even increasing the product quantities in order to use the coupon. I’m not sure about you, but I certainly do not like it when the manufacturers start changing things that affect us in a negative manner. Article Link:

  3. January 20, 2012

    Good points! I will definitely check out more of these articles in depth this weekend when I have some down time. I definitely have noticed the changes in expiration dates, value of coupons, etc as you have mentioned. And yes we definitely don’t want to continue to hurt ourselves in the process of all of this. So another question for you- how many papers then do you buy each week if you are trying to get a certain coupon. I do love the coupon swap and we do those and we also have coupon swap group on facebook. The only good thing I have found and that I like about using coupon clipping services/swapping w/ people from different regions is that their coupons are usually better. I have been very discouraged with the coupons we get here in the Lansing area when I can order inserts and get better coupons.So that is where I struggle or have a difficult time not using a coupon service or ebay because the coupons are better than what we get here. I will definitely check out the information. I don’t want to do anything that could potentially hurt me, you, and everyone else down the road. Thank you again for the information!

  4. shiela shannon
    January 22, 2012

    i am new to this whole coupon clipping thing. I am very impressed with what you have done .I live in jackson county not in lansing and have been unable to attend a meeting. relatively new to this michigan . this driving in the snow I have not so much mastered LOL.. Are there any other places where ya’ll meet? I would love to learn from your shopping.

    Ps. Bravo on your shopping trip!!

    • January 24, 2012

      Thanks Sheila. We currently don’t have any coupon swaps going on in Jackson. If you want to start one or want us to help you start on there we would be more than happy to do that!

  5. February 4, 2012

    Awesome shopping trip!!

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