Menu Planning Monday: 2/2-2/8

meal planning, menu planning, monday meal planning

meal planning, menu planning, monday meal planning

Menu Planning Monday: 2/2-2/8

It’s another week- and I’m still staying focused on planning out my menus. I have definitely noticed a difference when I stay on course with my menu planning and how much money I can save for just doing this!

Menu planning and paring your menu with sales can save you at least 50% without using a single coupon! I also use my meal planner that helps me stay organized!


Menu Planning Week 2/2-2/8/2014

Sunday: Baked Chicken with roasted peppers/tomatoes/squash/,  diced fried potatoes, salad, steamed broccoli with rice

Monday: Baked Chicken with roasted peppers/tomatoes/squash/, steamed broccoli, mac & cheese with salad

Tuesday: Frozen Pizza, Salad, Applesauce (I’m out of town so making it easier on the babysitter to have frozen pizza the next two day. And you can score Pizza for a great deal this week at Target for under $2 bucks– stock up price!)

Wednesday: Frozen Pizza, Salad, Applesauce

Thursday: Meatloaf, Salad, Cranberry Sauce

Friday: This would be our normal Pizza night, but since they’ve already eaten pizza a few times this week, we will have Nacho Night instead

Saturday: I have an event to go to- so it will be a free for all night– fixing leftovers that we have, etc

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