Meijer mPerk Program Changes for 2023

We’re sharing the latest news with Meijer mPerk Program Changes happening in 2023. Check out what’s new and updated. 

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new Meijer mPerk personalized program

Today in the Southeast part of Michigan, Meijer started transitioning to the new mPerk program, with plans to roll it over to the other Midwest markets throughout January and February. 

So let’s talk about what those changes are for the Meijer mPerk program. 

Meijer believes the new enhanced mPerks program will allow for more personalized rewards and savings, with customers now earning points for every dollar spent and every qualifying prescription filled and additional opportunities to earn even more points. 

Meijer mPerk program changes:

  • Purchases now earn points, which customers can apply toward the savings of their choice.
  • Each qualifying prescription filled now earns points instead of every five prescriptions filled.
  • Points expire after 90 days, as opposed to 45 days in the current system.
  • Customers choose when and how they want to redeem points for additional savings.

If you have current rewards, those will automatically transition over to the new program with the same value, according to Meijer. Pharmacy credits and any in-progress rewards will transfer to the new program as points.  

Customers will earn 10 points for every dollar spent. So if you spend $100 on qualifying groceries, you will get 1,000 points. 

According to Meijer, for every 1,000 points earned, customers earn a $1.00 off reward on their total purchase. 

So if you want to get $10.00 off rewards to use for your total purchase, you will need 10,000 points. 

Will I have to clip the reward to get it?

You will need to go into your mPerk account to clip the reward in order to use it on your next purchase. You will also have the option to use the reward on gas. 

What about a gas reward?

[this needs to be confirmed] From my understanding, you can use your points to earn towards your gas. From what I’ve heard, you can start using points for gas at 1,500 points. [I need to confirm this to 100% accurate

When do the new Meijer mPerk personalized updates start?

For customers in the Southeast of Michigan, the changes rolled out Monday, January 16th, 2023.

Everyone else in the Midwest will see those changes sometime this month and through February 2023. 

Will the new Meijer mPerk system apply to alcohol?

Can I spend $100 on alcohol and get 1,000 points? 

The answer is no. As like the current mPerk system, it excluded all of the following:

*Excludes: Alcohol, Tobacco, Pseudoephedrine/Ephedra Products, Gift & Entertainment Cards, Prepaid Phones & Airtime Cards, Lottery, Postage, Park & Entertainment Tickets, Prepaid Debit Cards & Reload Packs, In-Store Businesses, Licenses, Taxes, Previous Purchases, SIMPLR™ Protection Plans, Fuel, Bottle Deposits, Instacart Orders, Door Dash Orders, and Meijer Home Delivery & Pickup Fees.

Will my mPerk rewards roll over with the new changes?

Yes, the rewards will automatically transition to the new program with the SAME value. 

What are mPerk rewards?

mPerks Rewards provides savings based on the items you purchase at Meijer.

When you shop for items in rewards categories available to you and enter your mPerks ID every time you checkout, you can earn towards rewards.

When you reach the spending goal, you get rewarded.

You can view rewards available, rewards progress, and earned rewards in the rewards section of  or the Meijer mobile app.

So, let’s compare what we currently have to the new Meijer mperk changes. 

How does the current Meijer Pharmacy mPerk reward program work?

For every (5) prescriptions filled at Meijer, you earn a reward such as $10 off $10 total purchase mPerks codes, $0.50 off per Gallon of fuel + more!

How does the current Meijer mPerk rewards program work?

Read the breakdown on this post to see how the Meijer mPerk personalized program used to work. (Currently may still work for some customers until the new program rollout is complete by February 2023.)

A scenario of comparing the current mPerk reward program with the NEW changes:

Meijer mperk program

Currently, I have a personalized reward to spend $100 or more in total purchase to earn a $2 off mPerk reward. 

With the new program, when I spend that $100 or more in total purchase, I will get 1000 points [ it’s 10 points for every $1.00 I spend on qualifying purchases].  And according to Meijer, 1,000 points = $1.00. [in this scenario, the current program wins]


Here’s another example from a customer that spent $400 on total purchase (current mperk program) and received a $4.00 reward on her next purchase. She then spent $650 and got back a $12.00 reward on her next purchase). 

Here’s how that breaks down under Meijer’s new updated changes to the mPerk program:

$400 total purchase spent at Meijer will earn her 4,000 points. We know 1,000 points = $1.00. She earned $4.00. [This is the SAME under the new program changes.]

$650 total purchase spent at Meijer will earn her 6,500 points. 1,000 points = $1.00. She will have $6.50 to use on her next purchase. [ this comes to be the same under the new program changes] 

Here’s another customer scenario:

They received a $2.00 reward for spending $350 at Meijer. 

Under the new program, spending $350 at Meijer will be 3,500 points. Which equates to $3.50 to use on their next purchase. [ so the new point system wins in this scenario]

Another customer scenario:

For this one, I’m using their screenshot. This particular customer did better with the current system. 

Meijer mPerk program

Here are a few more customer screenshots of the new changes (and their math breakdown)

thoughts to Meijer's mPerk changes

thoughts to Meijer's mPerk changes

thoughts to Meijer's mPerk changes

With the new changes, they will earn less on their total reward. 

The Pros +  Cons of the new changes

Pro: Under the current Meijer program, everyone has DIFFERENT personalized reward values. The new changes will all be the same point system for everyone.

Another pro: You will have a longer time to use those points. Currently, rewards expire in 45 days. You will have 90 days to use your points with the new changes. 

Possible pro: Under the current mPerk personalized reward program, your personalized reward VARIES based on your previous month’s (or shopping) spending.

This way, it’s the same every single time. Versus one month, you get a $2.00 reward for spending $100.00. Then the next month, you have to spend $300 to get a $4.00 reward. 

Using the points system will equal getting 1% back on your total purchase at Meijer. 

Con: Some consumers will see this new change as a negative- considering they earned more under the current system. 

Another con is the mPerk is automatically not clipped (as some have suggested). For me, I’ve always had to clip my personalized reward. 

Is it worth it?

My personal thoughts: For current consumers not earning a lot with the current mPerk reward program, going to a point system will be a better fit. But for the consumers who spend quite a bit at Meijer and receive better-personalized rewards, this new point system will be a tad bit disappointing for you (plus fewer savings). 

We’re all looking to save money on food and gas. I’ve found better gas savings by shopping at Kroger, BJ’s, Sam’s Club + Costco

We still shop at Meijer, mostly for bread and milk (because my son prefers Meijer milk + bread). I will occasionally grab a few things when they are on sale. But I’ve found better savings at other stores.

With the rising cost of food and leaving frustrated when Meijer’s shelves were not stocked with what I needed (an ongoing issue BEFORE the pandemic started), the new changes won’t make a big difference for me. 


However, you may feel differently. How do you feel about the new changes to the mPerk reward program?

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