Coupon Clipping Services

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Coupon Clipping Services:

Here are some of the coupon clipping services I have personally used and recommend: {if you have others, drop a link in the comment section and we will check them out!}

*Last updated 5/2022

I share why using a coupon clipping service is the BEST way to go when it comes to coupons! Go here to read about my experience and my coupon method!

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When using a coupon service consider the following points:

  • Take into consideration the location of the Coupon Clipping Service and the approximate shipping time for your coupons to arrive
  • Most Coupon Clipping Services have a minimum order
  • Check out their next shipping date
  • Be sure to check to see when the expiration date of the coupon is (there may be more than one with 2 different dates)
  • Coupon Clipping Services collect funds via PayPal or an other merchant service account – if you don’t feel comfortable with their payment system — don’t use them (PayPal & Google Check-Out are two reputable service providers)
  • Fresh Outta Time does not guarantee any of these Coupon Clipping Services; this list is a suggestion in order to save you time in your search for the best coupons to fit your needs and maximize your results.
  • If you use a great Coupon Clipping Service not listed here, please let us know!

Created 2/2016 | updated 5/2022

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