Making The Most Of Small Dorm Room Space

Making The Most Of Small Dorm Room Space
College life and sharing a dorm room. It's already cramped with space. Here's some tips on making the most of small dorm room space

Moving into your first dorm room at college is an exciting event, but trying to figure out how to make all of your stuff fit into a small space can be a drag. Here are some great tips on Making The Most Of Small Dorm Room Space that are sure to help you pack your belongings into the room without stress. Thinking outside the box is the most important part of packing things into confined spaces, but it can also be the most rewarding and fun way to get creative.

Making the Most of Small Dorm Room Space

Making The Most Of Small Dorm Room Space

Invest In Under Bed Storage. Whether it is for extra linens, sweaters for the colder months or shoes a good quality under bed storage is important. There are tons of plastic or cloth to choose from, but our favorites are this Sweater Storage Bag and this handy Shoe Organizer. Both are very inexpensive but fit perfectly under the traditional dorm bed.

Use All Of Your Wall Space. In tight spaces, hanging storage above your beds or even above the toilets is important. Making the most of your wall space can help you create fun ways to store things like linens, socks, books or even toiletries. There are tons of easy to assemble wall shelves and even shadow boxes that can serve as simple storage.

Hang From The Ceiling. Whether you are using the ceiling for hanging lights, pictures or grabbing one of those old school stuffed animal nets to store items in, the ceiling mustn’t be forgotten.  The ceiling is great for hanging items you don’t use very often, while keeping them handy for those last minute needs.

Over The Door Shoe Organizers. Not just for shoes, these are great for putting over your bathroom door to store things like extra toiletries, hair styling tools, hair spray, makeup and more. For $10-$15  you can find great ones with plenty of pouches to expand your space.

Minimize Closet Bulk With Mult-Hangers. We’ve seen the infomercials, but don’t laugh – these fun collapsible hangers really do work. If you have a closet full of shirts or slacks, grab a few of these to help save space by creating extra hooks for hangers that collapse easily.

Whether you are in a room by yourself or have roommates, making the most of small dorm room space is something you’ll have to figure out. If you need more ideas on getting the most out of your small dorm room, then definitely reading 100+ small decor room ideas will be helpful. And while you’re planning and preparing for college, don’t forget that there are 10 necessary essentials  and a checklist to help you be ahead of the game. These tips and a few other simple tricks will help you to have everything you need and love in reach without feeling crowded.

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