7 Gas Hacks to Save You Money

Gas fluctuates quite a bit, forcing us to constantly adjust our budgets. However, there are several tips and tricks you can do to save money on gas. Read how we save on gas with our gas hacks to save you money information below! 

Gas fluctuates quite a bit, forcing us to constantly adjust our budgets. However, there are several tips and tricks you can do to save money on gas. Read how we save on gas with our gas hacks to save you money information on the blog!

7 Gas Hacks to Save You Money

Do you find yourself spending more money on gas each week than you do groceries? Do you dread heading to the gas pump? With gas prices always fluctuating, buying gas can take a toll on your budget. Luckily there are ways to save money at the pump and fill that tank up for your next trip for less. Look at these seven gas hacks to save you money, and see if they can’t help you avoid gas pump dread!

1. Sign up for loyalty rewards. Most gas stations offer loyalty rewards where you can earn points on your purchase of gas. Some even offer a few cents off every time you use your loyalty card. Make sure you ask and sign up for any savings cards available so you can get a discount at the pump and earn points to use on gas station products. One of my favorite loyalty programs to use is the Shell Rewards program. When you sign up for the Fuel Rewards® program, you will receive Instant Gold Status, saving you 5 cents off per gallon, up to 20 gallons per fill for at least six months. Plus, when you get gas on a Tuesday, you instantly get 10 cents off per gallon.

Best ways to save on gas

2. Consider the time of day you fill up. Gas tends to cost less in the mornings, AND it is also better for your tank. It is better to fill up the tank when the car is cool and rested, as less gas can evaporate this way. Plus, you avoid any price raising that may happen as the day goes on.

3. Avoid filling up on or near the weekends. Gas prices tend to go up during the weekends since this is a busy time for travelers. Try to fill up on Tuesday, Wednesdays, or Thursdays since these days typically cost less. Remember to fill up, so you have enough gas to get you through the weekend so you can avoid those higher prices.

4. Use gas/money saving apps. Gas Buddy and other money-saving apps can help you compare gas prices in your area. It is well worth downloading one of these comparison apps so you can see where you should shop. It might be worth driving a tad further to another gas station if the price is right. {Gas Buddy is one of my favorite ones to use – and they have a discount card now, which will save you even more money! This is FREE and works at many gas stations} 

  • The Waze app is another great app to use to find the BEST gas prices around you. 
  • You can also use google map to plan your trip, finding the cheapest gas stations along your route.

5. Buy gift cards at your local grocery store. Does your grocery store offer fuel points? If so, buy gift cards for holidays and birthdays at your local grocer. This way you are earning points fast and in larger amounts. These points can then be redeemed for cents off your gas purchase. In no time you can earn as much as a dollar off each gallon. Now that adds up! {Kroger is my go-to place to earn fuel points!}

6. Fill up when you find a fantastic price. Fill up even if this means giving up a luxury item for the week. It is well worth getting an additional five bucks in gas when you find an unbeatable price and avoiding that fancy coffee drink. Cheap gas should get bumped to the top of your budget, so when you find it, fill up and enjoy the savings for the next week.

7. Avoid buying gas on holiday weekends. Gas prices tend to go sky high on holiday weekends. These are a popular travel time, so avoid the burn at the pump by filling up earlier or after. Make notes on your calendar when holidays fall on the weekends so that you can buy gas a few days ahead of time.

Are you ready to fill your gas tank up for less? Then take the time to try out these seven gas hacks to save you money. There is no need to pay more for gas when you can, in fact, get it for less…way less!

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  1. Good tips. I’d never noticed that about weekend gas prices, but I will now. Thanks!

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