15 Free Or Cheap Summer Dates

15 Free Or Cheap Summer Dates

15 Free Or Cheap Summer Dates

With summer here it is time to start revamping our date night options.  Staying in budget and having a great time with your spouse or significant other can be tough sometimes but these 15 Free Or Cheap Summer Dates are perfect for rekindling romance while keeping your pocketbook happy. Remember that even if there is a little cost involved, a good relationship involves time spent connecting alone.  Date nights and kid-free time is very important to an overall healthy relationship with your spouse.  Make time in your schedule and room in your budget for special nights in or out to reconnect.

15 Free Or Cheap Summer Dates

15 Free Or Cheap Summer Dates

Go To The Park:  Check your local community for parks you can take your dogs if you have them for a fun walk.  If you don’t have dogs, simply go to the park and swing, ride the carousel or climb the monkey bars and have fun like kids.

Check Out Local Galleries: Many art galleries are open year-round with beautiful exhibits for you to look at for no charge.  Check your local community and take in a local artist or a famous artist for a fun and classy evening out with your love.

Head To The Beach Or Pool: Take advantage of the opportunity to play in the water without having to watch for the kids’ safety.  Grab suits, sunblock, and a willingness to get wet and head out for some fun in the sun.

Go Skinny Dipping: This one is a great one to do at night – in your own pool.  Not recommended for public pools, lakes, or beaches.  Keep it private, but have fun!

Watch Live Music Venues & Concerts In The Park: Check your local community calendar for concerts or events happening in parks or amphitheaters near you.  Many communities will have weekend movie nights in the park or local musicians taking the stage.

Go To Free Kids Movies At Local Theaters: Every summer various national movie theater chains offer weekly free or discounted movies for kids.  They are typically the latest animated or kid movie releases but they can also be tons of fun and a great way to snuggle in a theater, eat some popcorn and simply relax together.

Go To The Library: Whether it is to browse books to read, check out project DIY tips or take a simple free art class together, the library is a quiet and relaxing place to spend a night alone with your love.

Movie Night At Home: Grab the latest new release at the kiosk, order in pizza, and snuggle together in bed for a romantic comedy, thriller, or sci-fi flick that will have you laughing, squealing, or hiding your eyes.

Picnics In The Park: Sandwiches, cheese, fruit, wine, or your favorite snacks and a blanket mean fun in the park this summer.

Give A Massage: Relax together with some scented oils and a gentle massage.  Take turns rubbing the stress from your shoulders and back and connecting intimately without fear of interruption from kids.

Go Golfing:  Check out the local golf course for a fun afternoon trying to beat par.

Have A Water Gun Fight: Strap on the water guns, put on clothes you don’t mind getting wet, and chase each other around the house or yard like kids.

Go Fishing: Pack up the tackle box, poles, and a can of worms and head out to the local fishing hole.  Relaxing, fun, and a great way to pay for dinner, many couples enjoy the quiet reflection on the water while they fish together.  Even if you don’t like to fish, grab a good book or magazine and hang out with your man while he does.  Often the most important thing you can do is to show him his desires are important to you too.

Go For FROYO or Ice Cream: Load up with all of your favorite toppings at the local frozen yogurt hot spot.  Settle into a corner booth and chat while enjoying the latest dessert craze.

Go To The Local Amusement Park: If your family has season passes to a local or nearby amusement park this is a great way to enjoy each other’s company without the kids.  Ride the rides you don’t normally get to go on, eat funnel cakes and drink lemonade for a fun evening together connecting and having fun.

No matter what you choose to do from this list of 15 free or cheap summer dates, make sure that you focus on your spouse.  Leave the phone in your pocket or purse and tune out others.  This time is for rekindling your relationship, renewing commitments, and getting to know each other – not checking on social media or playing the latest game.

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