7 Fun & Frugal Summer Date Night Ideas

7 Fun & Frugal Summer Date Night Ideas

fun and frugal summer date night ideas

In the summertime, days are longer and nights are warmer, allowing you to really make the most out of each and every day! Why not enjoy these long and lazy days with someone you love, doing some of the many fun and frugal activities available during the summer months? If you thought that date night has to be expensive or budget-breaking, you will be surprised to know that a great time can be enjoyed by both of you for next to nothing. You can still spend time with your special someone enjoying a variety of engaging activities without feeling like you are being cheap or sacrificing. Take a peek below at 7 fun and frugal summer date night ideas you can try this weekend!

Summer is about to get a little hotter and for less! Take a look below and start planning your next summer date night on a dime!

7 Fun & Frugal Summer Date Night Ideas:

1. Enjoy a backyard camp out.
Enjoy a backyard camp out with all of the fixings! You can grill out inexpensive dinner foods such as hot dogs or burgers, roast s’mores, enjoy a fire, play cards, and just get back to the soothing sights and sounds of nature. If you are really feeling ambitious, pitch a tent and sleep under the stars for the night!

2. Look for free concerts.
Many free concerts are offered by school groups, civic centers, local bands, and other groups during the summer months. These are often advertised in your local newspaper and promoted by city park programs. These are perfect for packing up a blanket, simple sandwich dinner, and heading out for some great music. Can’t find one? Many local bands and orchestras will open their rehearsals up for anyone who cares to watch. Why not stop in?
Local Lansing and Jackson readers can check out the list HERE

3. Be a kid again.
Why not do something together you have not done since you were kids? Chase lightening bugs and see who can catch the most. Take a refreshing soak in a kiddie pool, draw with chalk on the sidewalk, visit your local zoo, or just enjoy an ice cream cone purchased from the ice cream truck on the porch together. A day of enjoying all of the things you use to enjoy as a kid is a great way to connect through nostalgia!

4. Rent a boat or bikes.
Visit your local park and rent a boat or bikes by the hour. You can usually do so for less than $5.00 an hour and this is a great way to explore nature together while even getting a little work out in. Hit up some scenic bike trails or take a lazy drift down the river. Pack a simple lunch to enjoy when you are done and make a day of it.

5. Go stargazing.
Visit the library for some constellation identification books. You can even borrow a telescope from a friend if they have one. Then grab a cozy blanket, bring your bug spray, pack some ice tea, and head out for a night under the stars. Look for the various constellations and planets together and maybe if you are lucky you will see a shooting star!

6. Visit your local pet rescue center.
Why not spend a few hours cuddling with critters who need love? Many animal shelters welcome volunteers, and this won’t cost you a dime. You can offer to take the dogs for a stroll, play with the cats, and help the animals get the exercise they need. This will not only be fun but make you feel great about giving back together.

7. Learn a new sport.
It is always fun learning new things, why not try them together? Get picked up in a game of beach volleyball, give Frisbee golf a try, break out a game of bocce ball in the backyard, or try another new-to-you sport together. You will at least get a great laugh if anything! Treat yourself to an inexpensive cold treat after, like a dollar sundae from McDonald’s or a sweet ice cream truck treat.

There are so many ways to spend time with someone you love during the summer months. Take advantage of the long days, warm nights, and spectacular weather. Get out and enjoy all of the fun and frugal activities listed above and see what works for you. You will not only get out and active, but save a ton of money in the process. And THAT is surely something you can fall in love with!




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