The 411 on the Discover Something New Just For You Coupons From Meijer

Discover Something New Just For You Coupons from Meijer


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The 411 on the Discover Something New Just For You Coupons From Meijer

So, we have another NEW set of coupons coming to our mailbox. These Discover something new just for you coupons are DIFFERENT from the ones many of us have been getting for the last year.

So, let’s start there. This is a DIFFERENT set of coupons from the HAND-SELECTED coupons.

Free coupons from Meijer

These are the HAND-SELECTED coupons from Meijer! If you want to know more about how the hand-selected coupons work, go HERE.


Discover Something New Just For You Coupons from Meijer


Discover Something New Just For You Coupons from Meijer

These are the DISCOVER SOMETHING NEW from Meijer

HAND-SELECTED and DISCOVER SOMETHING NEW coupons. TWO different sets of coupons. Y’all with me? TWO different sets.

Okay, now that we’ve cleared that up, it is possible for you to receive BOTH sets, ONE set, or NO sets. I reached out to Meijer because I like to provide the BEST and accurate information as possible.

Meijer responded to me this afternoon and I am sharing their DIRECT answers below!

I asked Meijer if the Discover something new just for you coupons were different from the Hand Picked offers many of us have received over the past year.

Meijer: YES! We recently sent out our Discovery direct mail. This is a new mailer that is separate from the Hand Picked Offer mailer that Meijer has been sending out. Just like our Hand Picked Offer mailer, this one is also targeted.

Why did I get this mailer?

Meijer: This mailer was sent to customers who we know love shopping our stores. We are always excited to feature new products and wanted to give you the opportunity to discover something new.

Why didn’t I get this mailer?

Meijer:  We’re either having trouble reaching you or having trouble determining your unique shopping preferences. The more you use mPerks at checkout, the better we’ll be able to send you coupons and offers that are more personal and relevant to you.

Tat: See, what have I been preaching to Y’all for the longest? USE your mPerk account. Use it! Use it! Use it!  And go in and make sure your information is listed in there!

Tat: If you did not get these coupons- make sure you are using your mPerk account every single time you shop at Meijer (even for the gas station). 

Make sure your address is listed in your Meijer mPerk account. 

Most importantly, if you have done ALL those things, BE PATIENT AND WAIT FOR IT TO HAPPEN! 🙂 

Second most importantly tip— these are TARGETED offers. This means, some people just may not get them, REGARDLESS of what you do. You can do everything, and still don’t receive them because they are TARGETED to certain people/areas/regions.

If you’re mad about that, reach out to Meijer and complain (nicely). There is nothing I can do about this since I am NOT Meijer. I am just passing on the information.

Why did I get these specific offers?

Meijer:  We wanted to share our new products with you and picked some we think you would like best. Most of the items are entirely new to our stores, while there are a few others that are not new but we think you would like to try.

Tat: If you are not going to use those coupons, share them with someone who else will USE them. You want to use these coupons. The more you use your coupons, the better/more offers you will get. (I’m basing this off of how Kroger works their best for you customer program). 

and of course, the stores and brands want you to try something new. I talked about this last year after meeting with Meijer on a brand/beef trip. They shared that they were going to be featuring more offers like this. I also have talked about seeing less manufacturer coupons and more coupons/digital offers tied to the way you shop. And now we see this slowly playing out. More brands are going to be working with stores on offers versus coupons coming out in the paper. We will continue to see more digital offers over the next few years and less paper coupons. This allows brands and stores to control the coupon game a little bit better, and they can see what you’re buying and what offers to send your way.

My coupon didn’t work / Why won’t my offer scan?

Meijer:  Many of these coupons are only eligible on certain varieties. Be sure you picked the right size and flavor to ensure it works correctly. The coupons can only be used once, so please make sure you didn’t use it already. The barcode needs to be free from obstructions, and may not work well if it has been bent.

Will I still get the hand-selected Meijer offers as well?

Meijer: At this time, we are planning on continuing both programs.

Will I get the Discovery mailer coupons on a monthly basis like the hand-selected coupons?

Meijer: The Discovery mailer will not be monthly. This one is brand new for us, so we’ll see how it performs, how people like it and then determine the next mail drop.

Tat: Guys, this is where you come in and let Meijer know this is a GOOD thing by USING them!

Other tips:

These are STORE offers. You can STACK a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon to help maximize your savings. [ update from 2020-lately- Meijer has been making many of the Discover You coupons- manufacturer coupons vs store coupons. So be sure to read the coupons for the terms.] 

Even if these discover for you offers are not something you would buy, be GRATEFUL you received them. Store are not obligated to send you coupons, have reward programs, etc. When’s the last time you’ve been to Walmart and they gave you hand-selected coupons? Oh, I’ll wait.

If you are not receiving them, make sure you have done everything- use your mPerk account, make sure your address is listed in your mPerk account, then WAIT!

These are targeted offers, just like the hand-selected offers. They are TARGETED. When a store or a new program rolls out, every customer does not get the NEW thing right away.

So, if you are getting them. Use them so Meijer will see this is something we want to have.

If you are not getting them, you can definitely call Meijer and let them know that you would like to see them. However, if this is a roll-out program, you need to have patience and wait for those offers to come to you. Good things will come to those who wait! 🙂

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