What To Buy in August

what to buy in august

Find a list of things you should be buying this month- What to buy in August. This is a great way to plan ahead and save time and money by knowing what to look for this month. 

what to buy in august

The kids will be heading back to school this month and you will be getting back into a routine. This might be a relief or it might be hard for you, but either way, it’s going to happen. What is also great about August is the sales that happen each year during this month! There are so many! Here are some things you should be watching prices on and scooping up!

What To Buy in August

Dorm room stuff: While you may not be heading off to college, you can still take advantage on all the great buys on small appliances (like coffee makers and toasters), linens, bedding, organizational stuff and even cookware. I have some great tips on the top 10 things you should be stocking up for your dorm room plus a checklist.

Back To School Essentials For Middle School

Some types of furniture: This is something else to watch for! With school starting up again, often, desks, office chairs, side tables and even dressers may be on sale.

Office/School Supplies: This is the cheapest they will be all year, so make sure to scoop up things like crayons, pencils, glue sticks, folders, pens and notebooks for mere pennies. I post deals daily-weekly on the best school supply deals, so be sure check out that section of the blog. {keep in mind, you will find deals through July and August.}

Pro tip:8 Unique Places + Ideas To Save Money On Back To School Supplies

Summer clothes and swimwear: These will be on heavy discount starting this month and you can get some great deals for next year if you shop the sales racks!

Summer outdoor stuff: Everything from grills to patio furniture will be on sale and now is the time to start saving on these items for next season. Hold off on gardening stuff as it won’t get cheaper until we head into winter due to fall gardening and cleanup.

Laptops: I debated on putting this here as it sometimes can change from year to year, but watch the sales of laptops as you may be able to get a good deal. However, sometimes the Christmas season brings better ones, so keep that in mind.

Summer “gear”: This includes anything from those floaties for water to things like charcoal, sunscreen, bug repellent and camping gear.

Cleaning supplies: Since some of this stuff is popping up on classroom lists, take advantage of sales on things like Kleenex, disinfectant wipes, disinfectant sprays, and hand sanitizer.


Groceries to buy in August:

Save money on lunchbox essentials as kids head back to school. This includes bread, lunch meat, individual packs of snacks, individual drinks, and so on.

Start to take advantage of all the produce in season and harvesting this month! See sales on avocados, tomatoes, cherries, beans of all types, squash, cucumbers, grapes, peaches, pears, peppers, and some apples.

 What do you have on your list to buy this month??


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