What To Buy In February

What to Buy in February

What To Buy In February

Last month, I did a post on what to buy in January to get the best deals of the year on certain items. Continuing with the savings, I want to show you what you should be buying in February to maximize your budget.

Did you know that sales on certain items from food to electronics and everywhere in between run in cycles? You can be assured that certain items will be at their lowest prices of the year, every year based on when new models for products come out and when quarters end for certain industries as well as what is in season for certain foods.

What to Buy In February

Cell phones: You may not know it, but many of the major cell phone carriers offer good buy one get one deals on cell phone models this time of year. The idea is that you will buy on for a gift for your valentine. This is also a time when many companies are really trying to clear last year’s models that did not sell at Christmas.

Tax software: Since taxes are due in just a couple months, tax software will be on sale this month and more and more people start really filing theirs after W-2’s have gone out at the end of January.

Electronic gadgets: New models of GPS devices, audio equipment and stereos come out at the end of this month, so this is the best time to buy last year’s products.

Video games and gaming systems: The new games always seem to come out right before Christmas, but if you can wait until February, you can get the over-stock that didn’t sell at a lower price than Black Friday in some cases.

Winter apparel: Get scarves, hats, gloves and boots this month for next winter. Wait until March to buy coats though, because the discounts can be up to 90% by then. I’ve already noticed sales for coats at 50-70% right now (at Target & Walmart).

 Amazon has quite a few items on a clearance blow out sale, as well as Walmart, Target & Kohl’s.com for you to check out today!

Presidents day also happens this month and with that comes sales on home stuff like linens, towels and curtains. Presidents day also brings in sales on warm weather clothing, yard tools, furniture (as retailers prepare for new stock) as well as bedding like comforters and sheets.

As far as groceries go, here is what you should be stocking up on:

Canned anything. It is “National Canned Food Month” so look for anything that is in a can to be on sale.

Chocolate will also be at it’s best price due to Valentine’s Day.

For produce, the following items are in season: Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots, Potatoes, Asparagus, Raspberries and Greens.

Other items to stock up on include oriental foods due to Chinese New Year, personal care/beauty  items such as condoms, lipstick, hair dye and dental care items such as toothpaste, tooth whitening at home products and tooth brushes.

Of course one of the best ways you can find out what will be on sale is to look at coupon insets as they will run coupons on what is in the sale cycles. If you are new to couponing, check out the Couponing 101 section of the blog.

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