7 Ways To Save At Whole Foods Market

7 Ways To Save At Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods is one of our favorite grocery stores to shop at, and these 7 Ways To Save At Whole Foods Market really help make it a top store on my list. Not only do they have amazing organic, non GMO and gluten free food lines, they have a wonderful in store deli and hot food area that is perfect for last minute meals. While some things tend to be a bit more expensive than other stores, overall you can shop on a budget at Whole Foods with ease.

7 Ways To Save At Whole Foods Market

7 Ways To Save At Whole Foods Market

Use in store coupons. Did you know that Whole Foods puts out a monthly magazine that has coupons inside? Not only that, but they also offer the ability to stack in store coupons with manufacturer coupons on items. That’s double the savings on some of your favorite healthy, organic or non GMO brands.

Shop weekly sales flyers. Whole Foods has a standard regional sales flyer that is released each week. This will offer great deals on many items. Most often these items will be seasonal. Watching these sales can be a great way to stock up on items like produce or meat that you can portion and freeze for future use. This is the simplest way to save at Whole Foods Market.

Shop the 365 brand of products. Whole Foods 365 is their own in house generic brand. From canned goods to bread, they offer great savings when you purchase the 365 options instead of name brand. We love the 365 rice, beans, soups, breads and frozen vegetables. Their organic milk and organic orange juice are often $.75-$1.00 cheaper than other local chain grocery stores.

Compare prices on packaged versus bulk items. A lot of times things like oats, quinoa, rice, beans and even nuts are significantly cheaper in the bulk bins than the packages on shelves. Whole Foods organic dry pinto beans are usually $.35 cheaper per pound in the bulk bins than any other grocery store in packages. Dry beans are easy to cook in a Crockpot and typically end up being $2-$3 cheaper for a meal than buying in cans already cooked.

Talk to the butcher at end of day. Get to know the meat counter staff and they will take care of you. Head to Whole Foods about an hour and a half before closing and stop by to see if they have any marked down meats that won’t be sold the next day. You can take them home for a great price, then cook and freeze for future meals.

Stock up when on sale. When you see something on sale at a dirt cheap price, stock up. Meat is easy to portion and freeze to cook later. Many fruits and vegetables can also be cleaned, prepped and frozen or canned for future use. At bargain bin prices for organics, this is a great way to save money.

These ways to save at Whole Foods Market are our best methods for stretching your budget while enjoying one of our favorite stores.

Did you know that we have a Whole Foods Market coming to the Mid-Michigan area? Yes, we are getting a Whole Foods in East Lansing. I will keep you posted on opening day!

Also we post Whole Foods deals on the blog weekly. Check those out HERE.

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    How should I get on the subscription list for the Monthly Magazine?

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