15 Best Money Savings Apps


 15 Best Money Savings Apps

Apps and Digital coupons are definitely making their mark in the world of savings. Finding the best apps to download to your smartphone can help you save quite a bit of money! For example, when I’m traveling I like to use Foursquare. I can check into a variety of places and get special discounts for that store or restaurant. Around town I use it daily. Many stores will give discounts to those that check in often on the Foursquare App. Another favorite of course is the Ibotta app. An app that pays you money when you buy selected products. I have made quite a bit of chump change with this app! Browse through my list of the 15 best money savings apps and download them today!

15 Best Money Savings Apps


  1. Shopkick – {iPhone & Android}- Earn rewards for the shopping you already at stores like Macy’s, Target, Best Buy, and more. Use your rewards to earn gift cards and discounts at your favorite stores! 
  2. Viggle – {iPhone & Android} – Use this fun app to check into your favorite TV shows and earn points redeemable for gift cards to stores like Carter’s, Sephora, Starbucks and more! 
  3. Ibotta – {iPhone & Android} – This app pays you cash for purchasing your favorite items at over 40 stores like Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, and more.
  4. Saving Star – {iPhone & Android} – Offers digital coupons for over 24,000 participating stores. The money you save is automatically added to SS account & once you reach a $5 threshold you can cash out directly to your bank, Paypal, or via an Amazon Gift Card!    
  5. Grocery iQ – {iPhone & Android} – Build digital grocery lists for different stores & find corresponding coupons that can be printed out  or added to your stores loyalty card. 

  6. Snip Snap – {iPhone & Android} – Makes coupon “clipping” easy! Snap a photo of any printed offer, and SnipSnap converts all the text, images and barcodes into a mobile-optimized offer, which you can redeem off your screen!
  7.  ShopSavvy – {iPhone & Android} – Barcode scanner that gives you the best price comparisons. Scan any item to see if you’re getting the best price at your store. 
  8. Gas Buddy – {iPhone & Android} – Use this app to find the closest and cheapest gas prices in your area!
  9. RetailMeNot – {iPhone & Android} – Spend less & search from thousands of coupons and deals to your favorite stores!
  10. RedLaser – {iPhone & Android} – Price comparison app that allows you to scan a bar code and compare prices from 1,000’s of online and offline retailers. 
  11. Loyalli – {iPhone & Android} Combines all of your loyalty cards in one place with over 600 participating retailers. 
  12. Redeemia – {iPhone} – Combines all “Daily Deal” apps into one place including Groupon & Living Social. 
  13. CardStar – {iPhone & Android} – Add your loyalty numbers from over 300 retailers including, CVS, Pet Smart, and more for easy mobile scanning. 
  14. ATM Hunter – {iPhone & Android} This app will find you the closest ATM. Program it to your bank and it will search specifically for ATM’s relevant to you so you can avoid paying fees. 
  15. MINT – {iPhone & Android} – Allows you to track, budget, and manage your money for free all in one place. 


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