100 Items to Buy In April

What To Buy In April- 100 Items To Buy in the month of April

April is just around the corner. If you’re wondering what to buy, where to save money, and the best deals for the month of April, be sure to read this post on ways to save in the month of April! What To Buy In April- 100 Items To Buy in the month of April

100 Items to Buy In April

Spring is coming, and it is bringing some excellent deals with it! Now is the time to start planning your shopping lists and checking them twice, because you will want to stock up on the items that will be at their lowest prices of the season. Not sure what those items are? No worries! We have compiled a list of the top 100 items to buy in April, so you can be sure you get your shopping lists in order and don’t miss a deal. Take a look below at 100 items to buy in April so you can make your spring dollars go further. You can also find more frugal tips in our April Savings Guide.

First, let’s talk about those spring gardens you will want to get started on! Here are spring gardening items you are sure to find great prices on:

1. Garden hoses
2. Seed packets
3. Bulbs
4. Seedlings
5. Potting soil mixes
6. Grass seeds
7. Lawn starter kits
8. Garden bed fencing
9. Solar lights
10. Garden decorations
11. Garden stones
12. Bird baths
13. Bird houses
14. Bird seed
15. Garden flags
16. Patio lights
17. Tomato cages
18. Garden trellises
19. Watering cans
20. Sprinklers
21. Garden benches
22. Fertilizer

Baking goods will still be at great prices during the month of April. Even though Easter is over, you should still be able to find dried goods and other baking accessories to help you get baking for less. Items include:

23. Flour
24. Sugar
25. Cookie sprinkles
26. Baking cups/cupcake cups
27. Frosting
28. Boxed breads
29. Muffin mixes
30. Cake pans
31. Chocolate chips
31. Shaved coconut
33. Food dyes
34. Frosting flavor packets

April means that Earth Day is coming. Celebrate it by taking advantage of the many Earth Day and earth friendly products on sale this month:

35. Reusable water bottles
36. Compost kits
37. Rain barrels
38. LED Lights
39. Reusable tote bags
40. Tree saplings
41. Natural foods
42. Natural clothing products
43. Natural beauty products
44. Upcycled products
45. Reusable diapers

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Let’s talk produce. Buy the produce that is in season so you can eat fresh and save money at the same time. Here are the items you can look forward to finding:

46. Asparagus
47. Beets
48. Cabbage
49. Broccoli
50. Carrots
51. Grapefruit
52. Mushrooms
53. White onions
54. Purple onions
55. Avocado
56. Peas
57. Strawberries

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Since Easter is over, you can also find Easter clearance items. Stock up on items that can still be used now as well as items that you can store for next year:

58. Baskets
59. Easter grass
60. Plastic eggs
61. Easter linens
62. Easter themed candles
63. Themed paper products
64. Kid’s dresses
65. Boy’s dress clothes
66. Children’s dress shoes
67. Formal/Easter/Church clothing for adults
68. Easter plush toys
69. Easter candy
70. Easter/spring fresh flowers and plants
71. Coloring kits

Now, let’s talk about upcoming holidays. Mother’s Day is coming, so buy what you need NOW before prices get hiked up next month. Items include:

72. Perfume
73. Gift sets
74. Costume jewelry
75. Fine jewelry
76. Women’s accessories
77. Women’s watches
78. Handbags
79. Cosmetics
80. Bath products
81. Spa products
82. Dress shoes for women

Cinco De Mayo is coming next month, so towards the end of April keep your eyes peeled for great prices on these items:

83. Taco shells
84. Taco seasonings
85. Canned/fried bean
86. Avocados
87. Spanish rice mixes
88. Salsa
89. Corn chips
90. Frozen Hispanic foods
91. Hispanic desserts
92. Burrito fixings
93. Hispanic Sodas

Last but not least, don’t forget those odds and ends that will be at their lowest clearance prices of the year during the month of April:

94. Sweaters
95. Heavy jackets
96. St. Patrick’s Day décor
97. St. Patrick’s Day clothing
98. Boots
99. Warm outer gear such as gloves, hats
100. Snow shovels, snow blowers

Keep this list on hand so you can be sure when April arrives, you are in the know! These 100 items in buy in April are worth checking out and are sure to help your budget go further.

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