What To Do At The American Girl Store In One Day

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What To Do At The American Girl Store In One Day

Earlier, I talked about how going to the American Girl store on a Budget. Now that you’re there… what to do:

A day in the city of Chicago just for a trip to the American Girl Place store can be one of the most exciting days for your daughter. Girls that love to read and love playing with their American Girl doll, are bound to be thrilled by the many floors filled with everything you can imagine being based on the dolls. If you have only one day to visit the store and need to fit in everything that you and your daughter want to do, it is possible when you focus on seeing and doing the things you are most excited about.

What To Do At The American Girl Store In One Day

Use this guide to help you decide what to see and do in your day at American Girl Place Store in Chicago.

Shop the Shop
At its core, American Girl Place Chicago is a store, so make sure that you take the time to go through all the sections of the store before deciding on your final purchases. There are personal shoppers to help you zone in on items that are just what your daughter and her doll need, or to help you choose the doll that looks exactly like your daughter. The store is spread out over several floors so pace yourself and your daughter to ensure that you get to see what is important to her and don’t miss something that you planned on shopping for.

Browse the Historical Collection
The original American Girl Dolls and their collections have been retired, one by one, over the years. Each of the originals is featured in a historic collection showcase that is always fun for girls of every age to see. Not only will you see young girls gazing at the dolls and their collections, but older women that grew up with the dolls can also be seen viewing this part of their childhood.

Doll Salon
If your daughter’s doll is in need of some TLC, it is important that she gets to the salon while you enjoy other parts of American Girl Store so that you are able to pick her up before the end of day. Dolls that have been especially loved sometimes need additional care and maintenance and the staff do a great job of seeing to your daughter’s treasured friend.

Plan a Meal at the Cafe
Dining at the American Girl Cafe in Chicago is a tradition for a lot of locals and fun for everyone else that gets to visit the store for the day. Tea, lunch, brunch and dinner are all served at the sit down cafe, and chairs are provided for girl’s dolls to be seated next to them. If you do not want to have an entire meal, or the cafe is booked, there is a small treats and sweet shop that you can grab something from for on the go snacking.

Plan a Photo Opp
Everyone should have a fun memento to take with them after their trip, and American Girl Store lets every young girl be a cover girl. Within the store there is a photo studio where you can have a private photo session and go home with your face on the cover of the latest American Girl magazine.

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