Tips on How to Save on Kid Sports

how to save on sports equipment

Tips on How to Save on Kid Sports

Playing sports has become a very popular thing to do for today’s youth. Be it soccer, baseball, basketball, football or any number of other sports, kids are benefiting from the activity and exercise that they provide. Sports also allows a kid to learn all about teamwork. Although the benefits are many, these sports are also expensive for the average parent. Equipment, uniforms, shoes and fees can all build up quickly.

This year I have experienced the crunch of spending money on sports and trying to juggle football, soccer and archery!

If you are facing this cost crunch, here are some ideas to take the pressure off:

Get their feet wet

It is impossible to expect kids to know what they like before they try something. Give kids the chance to try out a sport before buying equipment that will cost more than your mortgage. Nothing hurts worse than buying your kid a fifty dollar baseball glove and then watching them quit after one game. Make sure they like the game before investing heavily into it.

Talk to the coach early on

Budget out what your child will need. The best way to do this is to get the information directly from the coach. Ask your coach if your child will need tournament fees or if the league cost is all inclusive. Ask the coach what equipment is needed and uniforms costs. Knowing everything up front allows you to plan things. That will allow you to get them at the best possible prices rather than shopping last minute and being forced to find what you can.

Shop at used sporting good stores

You can save a fortune by going to these places for your sporting goods needs. They sell everything at a discount and the equipment is all in good condition. They will not purchase it for resale unless it is in great condition. Don’t pay full retail unless you have to.

Shop on eBay, Craigslist, etc

These days you have to harness the power of the Internet. Use the online shopping sites to find your best deals on sporting goods. You can almost always find a bargain.

*also be sure to check Amazon since they have deals going on all the time!

Network with teammates’ parents

If you get to know the other parents, you almost certainly can save some money on equipment and sporting goods. Work to help them with their needs and they will do the same. Organize a group and watch a great relationship grow to support the kids!

Consider a sponsor

If a team is allowed, go out and see about getting someone to sponsor the team. Many local businesses will be quick to pay the expenses in exchange for getting their logo on the uniforms. Ask around and see if you are allowed to do so.

Consider coaching or volunteering

Not only do you get the benefits of helping mold young minds, you also get certain benefits. Many coaches and volunteers don’t have to worry about league fees, etc. This is a thank you for donating your time instead.

Rent equipment

Keep in mind that some sports will allow you to rent equipment. Although most instances are more expensive than buying, you can check it out in your area.

Carpool for practices, games, meetings

Transportation is easily one of the biggest expenses for kid’s sports and it can easily be offset by getting to know the other parents. Once you feel comfortable and can trust them, consider carpooling to the practices and events. You will save a fortune this way.

At the end of the day, just have fun!

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