Sunday Coupon Preview 3/17/2019


Sunday Coupon Preview 3/17/2019


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We are expecting TWO inserts this weekend! 

Just an FYI: Many people are now receiving their Red Plum inserts in the mail. It’s something Red Plum started earlier this year and will be continuing to send their inserts out this way vs the newspaper. You can go here to see if your Red Plum is coming via mail or newspaper! You can use this link to find out if your Red Plum inserts are coming in the newspaper or mail-

FYI: Redplum is currently switching over to Retailmenot

Insert Insanity has pre-orders available (now) that you can grab right now and they will be mailed out this weekend–>> Preorder inserts here Inserts You can also pre-order coupons by the coupon (10 for $1.00) on Wiz Clipz!

I like my method- which is only getting the coupons I NEED/will use vs buying a whole insert. This saves me from cutting coupons and I can stay more organized. You can read more about my method of clipping coupons HERE.

Pro-Tip #1 You can find a list of coupon suppliers HERE

Pro-Tip #2 You can see the Insert Schedule for 2019 by going HERE 



AXE $3/2 antiperspirant deodorant, body spray or hair care products ETS (3/31)

AXE $2/1 deo wipes 25ct ETS (3/30)

Country Crock $1/1 product 45oz or 30oz (3/31)

Degree $2/1 deo wipes 25ct ETS (3/30)

Degree Men $2/1 deo wipes 25ct ETS (3/30)

Dove $2/1 men+care hair product ETS (3/31)

Dove $2/1 men+care foaming body wash ETS (3/31)

Dove $1/1 men+care deodorant (exc. twin packs and dry sprays) (3/31)

Dove $2/1 men+care deo wipes 25ct ETS (3/30)

Dove $1/1 men+care bar or body wash ETS (3/31)

Dove $0.75/1 liquid hand soap (3/31)

Dove $2/2 hair products ETS (3/31)

Dove $2/1 deo wipes 25ct ETS (3/30)

Dove $1.50/1 clinical protection antiperspirant (3/31)

Dove $1/2 chocolate bars DND (4/28)

Dove $1/1 body wash ETS (3/31)

Dove $1/1 beauty bar 4ct or larger (3/31)

Dove $1.25/1 advanced care antiperspirant deodorant (3/31)

Dove $1/1 exfoliating body polish 10.5oz or larger (3/31)

Equal $2/2 all products (5/12)

Equal $1.50/1 any product (5/12)

Flonase $3/1 product 60ct or larger (4/14)

Flonase $6/1 sensimist product 60ct or larger (3/24)

Flonase $10/1 product 120ct (3/24)

L’Oreal Paris $2/1 root precision or magic root cover up product (4/13)

L’Oreal Paris $2/1 superior preference or excellence haircolor product (4/13)

L’Oreal Paris $5/2 superior preference or excellence haircolor products (4/13)

Lipton $1/2 recipe secrets products ETS (3/31)

Lipton $1/1 tea bags, k-cup, liquid or powdered iced tea mix product (4/14)

Mars $1/2 wrigley confections chocolate items 4.5oz to 46.2oz DND (4/21)

Maybelline New York $2/1 fit me! product (4/13)

Nexxus $5/1 product ETS (3/30)

Nutrisystem $1/1 or nutrisystem d item (4/28)

Perdue $1/2 short cuts carved chicken breast products or perdue harvestland refrigerated fully cooked chicken products (4/28)

Perdue $1.50/1 frozen fully cooked chicken product (4/28)

Quilted Northern $1/2 bath tissue double rolls 6pk or larger (4/17)

Senokot $2/1 any product (6/17)

Senokot-S $4/1 30ct or 60ct (6/17)

Simple buy 1 cleanser or moisturizer product – get 1 simple wipes 25ct free up to $8.00 ETS (3/31)

St. Ives $1.50/1 face care, body lotion or body wash product ETS (3/31)

Sundown Naturals $4/2 products (4/15)

TRESemme $2/1 between washes product ETS (3/31)

TRESemme $4/2 pro collection shampoo or conditioner products 22oz ETS (3/31)

TRESemme $2/2 shampoo and conditioner products 28oz ETS (3/31)

Vaseline $2/1 men lotion 10oz or larger ETS (3/30)

Zyrtec $4/1 adult product 24ct to 45ct (3/30)

Zyrtec $10/1 adult product 70ct (3/24)




Alka-Seltzer $3/1 plus maximum strength cough & mucus dm product (4/14)

Alka-Seltzer $2/1 plus powermax gels product (4/14)

Alka-Seltzer $1/1 plus product (4/14)

Aveeno $2/1 body lotion, body wash or anti-itch product (exc. 2.5oz, 1oz and masks) (4/6)

Aveeno $5/2 body lotion, body wash or anti-itch products (exc. 2.5oz, 1oz and masks) (4/6)

Boston Market Restaurant various coupons (4/27)

Bumble Bee $1/3 seasoned tuna or tuna salad pouches 2.5oz (4/19)

Claritin $10/1 non-drowsy liqui-gels 60ct or claritin tabl 70ct or larger ETS (3/24)

Claritin $4/1 non-drowsy children’s 8oz or 20ct or larger or claritin reditabs for juniors 30ct (4/14)

Claritin $15/1 non-drowsy 90ct (3/24)

Claritin $4/1 non-drowsy 30ct or larger (4/14)

Claritin-D $8/1 non-drowsy 15ct or larger (3/24)

Claritin-D $4/1 non-drowsy 15ct or larger (4/14)

Colgate $2/1 360 twin pack or multi-pack only manual toothbrushes (exc. all free product packs) (3/23)

Colgate $2/1 total advanced, optic white advanced whitening or platinum enamel health essentials or sensitive toothpaste 3oz or larger (3/30)

Furmano’s $1/3 tomatoes cans (4/30)

Garnier Whole Blends $3/2 shampoo, conditioner or treatment products ETS (3/30)

Garnier Whole Blends $2/1 treatment product ETS (3/30)

General Mills $1/1 cereal box: maple cheerios, cinnamon toast crunch churros, chocolate toast crunch, fiber one strawberries & vanilla clusters, fruity lucky charms or nature valley fruit & nut granola pouch (4/27)

Ken’s $1/2 9oz dressing (4/30)

Ken’s $1/1 dressings 16oz or larger (4/30)

Ken’s $1.50/2 simply vinaigrette (4/30)

Nature Valley $0.50/2 granola bars, biscuits, granola cups, layered granola bars, soft-baked filled squares, protein bars, granola snack mix or peanut or almond butter granola bites pouch boxes 5ct or larger (5/11)

Oreo $1/2 chocolate candy bars 1.44oz or larger (4/30)

OxiClean $2/1 laundry detergent (4/17)

Revlon $2/1 root erase (3/30)

Revlon $1/2 feria color products (3/30)

Revlon $2/1 cosmetic (exc. revlon kiss balm) (4/14)

Revlon $1/1 colorsilk buttercream (3/30)

Revlon $1/1 beauty tool (4/14)

Schick B1G1 Free schick hydro or schick quattro titanium refill (exc. schick disposables and women’s razor or refill) up to $12.49 (4/6)

Schick B1G1 Free schick intuition, schick intuition f.a.b., schick hydro silk or schick quattro for women refill (exc. schick disposables and men’s razor or refill) up to $12.29 (4/6)

Tropicana $1.25/1 kids organic juice drink carton (5/12)

U by kotex $1/1 liners package ETS (4/13)

U by kotex $1/1 pads package ETS (4/13)

U by kotex $1/1 product package ETS (4/13)

Zim’s $2/1 max pain relief product (5/18)

Did you know that you can print coupons in specific zip codes? Printing from specific zip codes gives you access to better and higher value coupons! Head over to HERE to check out the zip codes we recommend to print from!

Checking the Coupon Database for coupons that you may need is another great place to find awesome coupons! is another place for great, rare coupons.

Red Plum gives you access to print coupons as well.

Remember you can print two times per pc. No copying coupons 🙂 Happy Printing!


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  1. http://Katie%20K says

    Do you have to order 10 of the same coupon through Wizclips? Or any 20, for $1? Thanks!

  2. http://Melissa says

    Today is the 3rd and I think there are no coupons today. Just don’t want people to go out and buy papers if they don’t notice this is dated the 10th.

  3. http://Kathy says

    When you order from some place like Wizclips, how long does it generally take to receive them? Granted, distance always plays a part in snail mail.

    • I typically get my coupons from Wizclipz in about 4ish days. Sometimes it can be longer if it’s over the weekend or a holiday. But if I order on a Tuesday, I have them by Saturday.

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