Setting Yourself Up For New Year Financial Success

Easy tips that anyone can do to set yourself up for a successful year! Setting Yourself Up For New Year Financial Success

With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about those resolutions.  For many people, financial resolutions are key to success.  In years past we have successfully completed  goals like our 52 Week Money Challenge to help you keep on your toes about where your finances are.  This year, we want to give you some basic tips on Setting Yourself Up For New Year Financial Success.  A few simple steps to keep in mind can make or break your financial future.  This year set yourself up for ultimate success and freedom financially with our help.

Easy tips that anyone can do to set yourself up for a successful year! Setting Yourself Up For New Year Financial Success

Setting Yourself Up For New Year Financial Success

Be diligent about spending within your means.  For many people, debt has not become a problem yet, but could easily be.  Focus on spending only what you truly have on hand to spend.  Don’t make purchases you have to make on credit.  Spend within your means.  If you find that you need to spend for an emergency quickly make sure you pay it off. This upcoming year I plan to follow this motto “less is more”. I am going to be applying this motto to our finances, but also just every day life.

Create a savings plan and stick to it.  Stop putting off the savings account until later.  Create one now and stick with it.  Even if you can only contribute $5 per week to your savings, begin now and be diligent in not touching it.

Create a reasonable family budget.  A budget is simply a listing of what your income and expenses are each month.  Allowing for things like savings, entertainment, gifts, etc. is typically listed in a budget as well.  Look at your income versus expenses and work hard to make your expenses much less than your income.  Move any excess into paying off debt or savings account each month. I just recently purchased a software system called You Need a Budget. It’s set apart and different from many of the budget software programs out there like This one makes you plan ahead. I just downloaded, so I will be sharing my thoughts on this new software throughout the year. You can check out a free trial HERE.

Start paying off small debts.  If your debt seems too big to handle, start at the bottom.   While many would tell you to work on the items with the highest percent of interest (and that is a great suggestion), for some it may seem more doable to work toward paying off the smallest debts first.  It also seems to boost your ability and desire to continue on the trend of paying down debt when you see one item off your list. Plus this will energize  you and excite that you can check a debt off the list!

One thing that really helped me stay focus and jump-start the year off on the right foot is the no spending strike. I did this last January and it was great. It was an easy way to see exactly where I was just wasting money and letting me see what I could really do without! I am doing it again this January and I encourage you to join me! Also considering joining the 52 week challenge! It’s a great way to save EACH week and learn a new saving tip delivered right to your email each Monday!

These are very simple, yet effective ways to set yourself up for new year financial success.  Success comes in dedication and planning more than anything else.  Come together as a family to create a plan that works for you, your income and your needs.  Work hard and find the new year to be one of financial freedom and success for your whole family.

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