I’m Going On A Spending Strike {sorta}

spending strike, where to save money

spending strike, where to save money

I’m Going On A Spending Strike {sorta}

Okay so I posted this morning about the 52 week money challenge and gave you guys your first money saving tip as far as the 52 money saves ways series.

So then while reading one of my friend’s blogs- Simplify Live Love (which I LOVE), she talked about going on a Spending Strike.

It’s crazy, but I was just talking about not spending any money for a while. December is ALWAYS a big spending month for us because of the twins’ birthday, my niece’s birthday, my Mom’s birthday and then Christmas. Along with the Christmas parties, food, yadda yadda yadda. And even though I had Christmas budgeted, I am TIRED of spending money!

I do love me some after Christmas sales tho…. okay FOCUS!

Anyway, so I read her post about going on a Spending Strike based off of inspiration of the book The Spending Strike by Sarah Baker. She also has a workbook that goes along with it. I picked up the Kindle version. However you can get the regular paperback and workbook.

the spending strike, sarah bakerNow, I already know I will have to spend some money this month. So for me to say that I will spend absolutely no money during January is not practical. HOWEVER I do pledge to cut back and only do what is necessary!

I do plan to blog about how I do and how I will fail miserably.. so optimistic, right? LOL

  • I will still have to do some grocery shopping this month. However I plan to cut back and see what’s in my pantry and get creative with my meal planning.
  • I will cut back on going a ton of places, so to save gas.

I like shopping. So I plan to cut that out completely ( I think this is going to be the toughest because of all the awesome clearance sales that I count on as part of my clothing budget!)

Do you think you can go one whole month without spending any money? In the book, Sarah gives a daily journal account of how she does. I am still reading the book, but so far I am impressed on her discipline. I hope to become inspired.

Either way, I am looking to change my overall spending habits. I don’t want to do a 52 week challenge or a spending freeze then when it’s over go back to doing the same thing. That’s kind of like dieting. You do it for a while then you fall off the band wagon. So my goal is to take the the 52 week challenge and the spending freeze as a way to help change my spending habits.

This is definitely a journey that I haven’t shared, but I think sharing about it will help me to become accountable and hopefully help you as well!

So you wanna join me? If so, let me know below in the comments, on the fan page or in the facebook group! I would love to have some cheerleaders and team players!

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