Make CASH & Save Money Using Apps {over 40 + Apps!}

Mobile Apps To Help You Save Money

We love the convenience of the last few years giving us so many ways to learn how to make cash & save money using apps {over 40+ apps}.  From apps that bring you great rebates on purchases you’ve made to the ones that have coupons good for use in store, there are tons of ways to save money each month on your groceries, household needs, and even clothing purchases.

Check out these amazing frugal budget tips on how to save money each month using apps!

Make CASH & Save Money Using Apps {over 40 + Apps!}

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Create your shopping list around the apps you use.  Build your shopping list around the discounts and rebates you can get via your apps.  While not everything on the app will be worth you buying, it is a great way to double check your shopping list to make sure you have everything you need and are getting the best possible price for it.

Only use reputable apps. This is a huge consideration when needing to know how to save money each month using apps.  There are tons of apps out there that claim to have coupons for many stores, or even offer rebates when you make large purchases.  Unfortunately, many of them are scams or not trustworthy.  A few years ago, there was an app that was highly popular called Snip Snap that many fellow bloggers tried to use and found were doing things in a way that was not on the up and up.  While the app still exists, the problems in the past make us all leery of using it.  You can check out some information on why to avoid SnipSnap from our friend and fellow blogger.  Before you use an app, check with bloggers you trust to make sure they give the seal of approval.

Check out our favorite apps to help you save money each month.

To help you get started, here are our favorite apps to use to save money each month on your grocery and household budgets. These are my top and favorite apps I use on a regular basis!

iBotta.  {my #1 favorite app!!} This app is a great choice for use on branded products at many grocery stores, warehouse stores, and even discount stores.  Once you make the purchase of the product shown, you upload your receipt to receive a rebate credit.  You can request your earned credits via Paypal after you reach their payout threshold.

Digit. Seriously, this ties as one my favorite apps with Ibotta. This app saves me money EVERY single day, and I don’t have to do anything! This app syncs up with your bank account. It looks at your account and sees how/what you’re spending money on to determine how much money to pull out of your account each day. Sometimes it takes out a few dollars, other days it may take $20-$30 (depending on how much is in my account at the time.) It’s saved with Digit, and you can withdraw the money at any time back into your bank account. I like for my money to build up and then transfer it back over to my savings account. This app helps you save money without thinking about it. As I mentioned, it will only take what it sees as extra money. So the amounts will vary each day, but it’s a GREAT app to save money without doing a thing! You can sign up HERE.

Checkout 51:  I’ve learned to love this app over the past few years. This app is great because not only is it there for those of us with smartphones, but it is available as a desktop version too.  No phone? No problem!  You can easily scan your receipt in and upload to your account on your computer for savings.  This app much like iBotta offers cash back on your purchases.  It is fast becoming one of the most popular rebate apps out there with tons of variety in the weekly offerings.  If you are looking for ways to save money on groceries, this is a great app to check out. The payout is via check once payout threshold has been met.

Savingstar App: Earn cash back on your groceries with our exclusive freebies, healthy offers, and BIG savings on your favorite brands. There’s nothing to clip or print. SavingStar is free and easy to use. Start saving money today.   Plus each Tuesday they give you a rebate offers that’s a great coupon for produce. And on Friday, they give out a FREEBIE. One offer that you can buy and get 100% back! You can read more about the Savingstar App HERE.

Favado.  We’ve been using Favado to help us build grocery lists for a few years now, and we love it.  It’s great for you to compare prices at local grocery stores, and keep track of your shopping list all in one location. You can get all of your matchups on your phone by just opening up this app. It will also highlight the top deals are going on at each store. Sign up for Favado today and see what you’ve been missing.

Fetch. One of the newer rebate offer apps on the scene. Just like with the other rebate apps, you can receive points after you purchase the qualifying item and submit your receipt. Then you can redeem your points for the many rewards they have loaded in their system.

Shopkick -Earn rewards for the shopping you already at stores like Macy’s, Target, Best Buy, and more. Use your rewards to earn gift cards and discounts at your favorite stores! I LOVE Shopkick. You just walk into the store, have the app open, and ping, you get points. Those points = CASH or gift cards. When I’m dedicated to using this app, I can rack up points quickly, and I cash them in for Target Gift Cards!

Target Cartwheel.  Target Cartwheel is the best app for Target shoppers.  It is chock full of Target specific coupons for you to load for $ or % off your purchase when you buy select products.  This app includes food, health and beauty, pet and even household supplies.  Sometimes you even find coupons on this app for clothing.  Simply load the coupons you wish to use and have the cashier scan at checkout.

Shop Your Way App: If you shop at Kmart or Sears (store or online), you want to make sure you have this app downloaded to your phone. Not only can you get alerts on instant savings, shop your way point offers, but coupons too! Plus, when you add me as your personal shopper, you will receive exclusive coupons!

Raise:  It is this simple to get discounted gift cards with Raise!  This site offers discounts that can go up to 50% off on a gift card value.  That means you have the potential to get a $100 gift card for only $50.  However, the usual discount is in the range of 7%-15% off the value of the gift card. You can learn about how to get discounted gift cards using Raise for more tips!

  1. Sign up here with our referral link to get an account started with Raise.
  2. Confirm your email.
  3. Start shopping!

BerryCart App:  What I like about BerryCart is that they offer healthy offers. We specifically look for food and beverage products that are either All-Natural, Organic, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, or Vegetarian to name a few. On BerryCart you will NOT see products on BerryCart that have High Fructose Corn Syrup, Artificial Sweeteners, or chemicals that you can clean your floor.You can read more about how the BerryCart App works HERE.

My Supermarket.  This one is new to me but is a great way to compare prices when you are in the store.  It will give you prices of some local competitors (usually chain stores), and man online retailers.  It’s a great way to make sure that birthday gift might not be cheaper on Amazon instead.

Farmstand: If you have access to farmer’s markets or want to know where some of your local farmers are selling fresh produce and veggies, using the Farmstand app will point you in the direction! (this app may vary with locations, and usually, when to produce/veggies are in-season). Yup, they have an app too! If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can download the coupon app to your phone and print coupons right there! You can still print from the desktop as well (so that would be two prints from your phone, two prints from each tablet. And yes, they can all point to one printer!) Feel free to use our page when printing from the desktop (it helps support this site). You can also open up your phone or tablet, head to our page and print another set of coupons. (So, that’s four prints from each phone/tablet! This is a recent update in the last year or so).

Meijer mPerk app. Yes, if you’re shopping at Meijer, you need to be using mPerks. You can use mPerk via desktop as well, but it’s nice to have it at your fingertips. I have a ton of information on how to use mPerks and why you should be using it, as well as finding mPerk only deals.


Mobile Apps To Help You Save Money


In addition to the ones I mentioned above- Ibotta, Checkout 51 and saving star, you can find additional cashback apps that are worth downloading and using! With most of these cashback apps, you can have the money transferred into your PayPal account or a Starbucks or Target gift card!

Walmart Savings Catcher.  If you shop at Walmart, this is a great option.  This app allows you to upload your receipt, and if it can find a lower price on any of your purchases in the nearby competition area, you will receive a refund.  You can withdraw that money via Paypal once you reach the payout threshold. You can find out more about Walmart Savings Catcher here. 

Jingit: Another cash back app that has been on the scene for a while. This one is not available at a ton of stores (Kroger, Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Kmart, (NO  Meijer as of yet), CVS, Publix and a few more stores). With this one, you can also watch short videos and give feedback on it to earn more cash. Again with Jingit you purchase participating items, scan your receipt for your cash back!!

MobiSave– Just like Checkout51 and Ibotta, this another money-saving app. MobiSave is currently only available for Apple users. With MobiSave, you submit your receipt after purchase. There is usually no minimum requirements for cashing in on this app.

Shrink: Another cash-back app. When you purchase products available on this app, you can get cash back for buying those purchases. I don’t see a ton of rebate offers for this one, but still, download it!

Makeena- This is another cash back app. You can find a lot of healthy and sustainable products at participating retailers.

Receipt Hog- Yes another cash back app. Take your receipts and turn them into CASH! Every time you make a purchase upload your receipt to receive points. Those points turn into CASH!

Mobile Apps To Help You Save Money

Other great money-savings apps (it’s not just for food!!)

Slice- Don’t you hate when you buy something, and then the price drops? Yes, me too! Slice can help you get your money back when a price drop happens.

Store Apps- If you shop at Kroger, Kohl’s, Walgreens, etc., they all have apps for you to download and use. You can find store coupon apps, your rewards card, weekly ad, and other vital information to help you save money and have a smooth shopping trip.

PriceScanner- If you’re out in the store and want to quickly compare prices online or at other stores on produce, use this app. Once you scan the product, PriceScanner will let you know which store (or online site) has the best price.


Viggle – {iPhone & Android} – Use this fun app to check into your favorite TV shows and earn points redeemable for gift cards to stores like Carter’s, Sephora, Starbucks and more!

Grocery iQ – {iPhone & Android} – Build digital grocery lists for different stores & find corresponding coupons that can be printed out or added to your store’s loyalty card.

 ShopSavvy – {iPhone & Android} – Barcode scanner that gives you the best price comparisons. Scan any item to see if you’re getting the best price at your store.

GoodBudget- Do you have plans to save up to a new computer or vacation? This budget app will help you see where you’re money is going each month and keep on a budget.

Gas Buddy – {iPhone & Android} – Use this app to find the closest and cheapest gas prices in your area!

Santa’s Bag- Gift shopping or Christmas shopping? This app will help you stay in the Christmas spirit and budget. You can set up a budget for each person on your gift list, and keep track of how much your spending!

OneReceipt: This app will help you keep track of all of your receipts in one place. No more losing receipts, especially when you’re doing some MEGA coupon hauls (and we all know how many receipts you can easily rack up by doing several coupon trips in a week!)

LevelMoney: Do you struggle with keeping track of your money and staying on budget? Using Level Money will help you on a daily basis. This app will let you know how much money you have left to spend in your budget on the daily.

RetailMeNot – {iPhone & Android} – Spend less & search from thousands of coupons and deals to your favorite stores!

Kindle: You don’t have to have a Kindle to use the Kindle app. I have an iPhone and downloaded the Kindle App. You can get all sorts of freebies with the Kindle app, including FREE Kindle books. We post Free Kindle Book deals daily on the blog. You can find them HERE.

Out To Eat With Kids: Going out to eat w/ the family? While we have a pretty big list of all the places where kids can eat free, sometimes using this app can help you find a few more places to take the kids where they can eat for free.

Scoutmob: I like to use Scoutmob when I’m on the road (it doesn’t work in my area). Scoutmob is a food app. If you’re traveling or in a city attached to Scoutmob, you can find discounts on places to eat and even places to shop!

RedLaser – {iPhone & Android} – Price comparison app that allows you to scan a barcode and compare prices from 1,000’s of online and offline retailers.

BigWords: Are you a college student? While you’re in the bookstore looking at all of those expensive books, you can use this app and scan the barcode of each book. BigWords will let you know where you can go and find those books at a lower price.

Loyalli – {iPhone & Android} Combines all of your loyalty cards in one place with over 600 participating retailers.

RepairPal: Did your car break down? It totally sucks when this happens, and it can be VERY expensive. Having car repairs is one of those emergency moments, and finding a reputable place to have your fixed is important. Using RepairPal is there to help you find a good mechanic that won’t charge you an arm and a leg.

Redeemia – {iPhone} – Combines all “Daily Deal” apps into one place including Groupon & Living Social.

CardStar – {iPhone & Android} – Add your loyalty numbers from over 300 retailers including, CVS, Pet Smart, and more for easy mobile scanning.

GoldStar- Planning on going to a concert or some other form of entertainment? Use GoldStar to help you find half-price tickets (including live concerts, Broadway shows, etc.).

Apples2Oranges- This app will let you compare the same product’s price at different stores. This is a great app to use if you like to make sure you’re getting the best deal!

ATM Hunter – {iPhone & Android} This app will find you the closest ATM. Program it to your bank and it will search specifically for ATM’s relevant to you so you can avoid paying fees.

MINT – {iPhone & Android} – Allows you to track, budget, and manage your money for free all in one place.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)- I’ve used this one from time to time (I go back and forth between this one and Mint). This is another budget tool app to help you keep track of your money and save money. This is also available in a desktop format. This is a very easy-to-use budget-friendly app.

GroceryTrip {this app cost $3 bucks}– Trying a new recipe? This app will scan the recipe and then compile the list of ingredients needed to make it.

Groupon. You think about this app for fun deals on random items, but one of the best things is when you can save on local entertainment. Being able to check prices at your destination and save on things like movies, restaurants or play centers is great and easy with this app. Every little bit of saving helps. You can also find local deals, places to eat, and products to buy for GREAT deals!

LivingSocial: Just like Groupon, you can find amazing deals on hotel, entertainment, and local deals!

Hopper. I just started using the hopper, but so far I like it. This app watches flight prices all day and can predict the right time book your flight, helping you save up to 40%.

Hotel Tonight. Looking for a last-minute hotel for the night? Hotel Tonight is the app you want to have on your phone, to help you not only save money but find the best hotel for you and your family.

SkyScanner. I started using this app (and desktop version) last year and love it. You can check prices for domestic and international flights to ensure you get the best deal!

Airbnb. I have yet to book an Airbnb, but I am planning a few upcoming trips, and having this app for easy access is important. You can search for accommodations, like a small apartment to a huge beach house.  Don’t sleep on Airbnb, many times they have better prices than a regular hotel.

Amazon Local:  This is another great way to find local deals in your area. This is also a great app to use if you’re going on vacation and looking for deals in your vacation destination area.

You can find over 30 + apps to use for travel by going HERE. 

These apps are our favorite go-to ways to save money each month on our food, travel and everything else!

Did we miss an app that you love not on our list? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know!

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