How To Save On Halloween And Fall Events


How To Save On Halloween And Fall Events

October is a fun mix of Harvest celebrations and Ghoulish good times. All these events can really add up if you plan to attend a few of them.

How can you find free or cheap ways to have fun all month long without breaking your personal bank?

Here are just a few ways to do that!

1. If you held off during the summer at local theme parks and attractions, plan to go in October. Many of them will have reduced rates for spooky fun. You can often get in for half the price during the peak season and while some of the attractions may be closed due to weather, there are often other fun fall and Halloween themed activities in their place.

2. Look in your local paper or at the Library for free Halloween events. This can be anything from hay rides to haunted houses. Many churches do harvest parties with candy and carnivals and these events are typically free and open to the public. This is the time of year when non-profits will also do events like this as well. You can often get in on the fun for a couple dollars or just the cost of some canned goods for donation. Also, many communities have Halloween or day of the dead parades that anyone can join in on.

3. Look for ways to create free events at your own home. This could be just having a small get together before trick-or-treating or if you have teens, a haunted movie marathon.  One way to turn trick or treating into more than just a candy gathering event is to decide with neighbors who is willing to have homes open to kids in the neighborhood ( with parent’s permission, of course) in between so they can warm up with cocoa or apple cider if the weather gets cold where you are.

4. Look for family nights at fall attractions like corn mazes. Often, there will be a couple nights in the month of October that corn mazes have a cheaper rate. Also, consider going during the day. At night, many of the corn mazes turn into haunted corn mazes and the prices go up.

5. Don’t forget to search for coupons! In order to draw folks in, many places that do haunted houses, hay mazes, corn mazes and other Halloween/autumn type events offer coupons at the beginning of the season. You may also get free passes by entering on blogs from local bloggers in your area and local radio stations as well.

Local Lansing Fans- you can check out the list of places for Haunted Hayrides, Houses and Corn Mazes for the Mid Michigan area right here!

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