9 New Years Resolution Humor Pictures

new years resolution humor

9 New Years Resolution Humor Pictures

Are you ready to get 2014 started?! Have you made any plans for the New Year.. Resolutions.. Goals?

I am one that will not make resolutions because I have not kept them in the past. I plan to continue to strive to be a better person by continuing to change things in my life and things around me.

I saw quite a few hilarious New Years resolutions that sums up my thoughts behind making resolutions that do not stick. Enjoy!

9 New Years Resolution Humor Pictures

ah Junk Food can be soo tempting. I try not to keep a lot of unhealthy snacks in my house for this reason…


And this will be a lot of people…. LOL



I’m not on any anti-depressants… but I’m feeling optimistic! Let’s go! LOL


Does your list look like this??





I probably used my gym membership about 20 times last year. And it shows.. LOL


One of my favorites! LOL


I mean.. if you’re going to out, go out BIG! #feelingthisone

new years resolution humor

Now if you’re in the mood to make some resolutions, then keep reading for some 411 on New Years Resolutions:

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