How to Save Money on a New Year’s Eve Party


How to Save Money on a New Year’s Eve Party

The end of the year bash can be an amazing time with fun food and friends, reminiscing in the good times of the past year and looking forward to what’s to come. If Christmas is leaving you with a tight budget for your New Year’s party, here are some tips to make yours more budget friendly:

  • Like with all parties, limiting the guest list will always help you save money. Have a small, intimate get together with close friends and family, rather than a roaring party.
  • Go for cheap entertainment like movies streamed on Netflix (free trial here), Redbox (free trial here)or Amazon Prime (get free trial here), board games, or just good old fashioned conversation while watching the ball drop on TV.
  • Plan your party for after dinner so you can serve small snacks and cocktail foods. Save money by getting things like mixed nuts, pretzels and snack mix in the bulk foods section.
  • Make your party alcohol-free to save on the most expensive part of the party. If you would rather have some alcohol, have everyone bring a bottle of champagne to share.
  • For decorations, utilize what you have left from Christmas such as lights, tinsel and candles. Set the mood with just a little light to build the excitement for the big moment.
  • Use washable plates and glasses rather than paper. It might be more work, but there probably won’t be many hard to clean dishes if you are just sticking with small snacks.
  • Invite people online rather than sending an invite in the mail. You can create an event on Facebook and invite people this way. Just make sure people know you invited them on there as many people ignore Facebook invites or don’t see them.
  • If you are going to do dinner, do something very filling and cheap like chilli or soup. You can make your own for fairly low cost and it is perfect because of the season.
  • Don’t do the party at home and instead go out to a community free event. Make plans to gather with friends at a local event and enjoy the fun together for little or no cost.
  • Help spare your guests the cost of taxis and make sure everyone gets home safe by assigning a person or two to be a designated driver. Alternatively, some communities offer free cab rides on New Year’s. Make sure to research this option if you host a party with alcohol.
  • Don’t get to worried about a flashy outfit for the night. This is not a necessary cost. If you feel you must dress up, try looking for something at thrift stores.

What are some of your tips on How to Save Money on a New Year’s Eve Party?

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