Kroger Alert: Kroger Stop Doubling Coupons in Michigan

kroger coupon policy

Kroger Alert: Kroger Stop Doubling Coupons in Michigan

kroger coupon policy


Kroger Alert: Kroger Stop Doubling Coupons in Michigan


UPDATED 5/2- @ 8:45 a.m. EST
Okay just got off the phone with Corporate Michigan Division- Doubling stops as of May 13th. New Ad changes and coupon at face value starts on 5/14. She said the press release will be out next week.

She said that it will be in next week’s ad about the doubling of coupons to stop. So there it is. This is why I am not taking Manager’s side of the story- some stores do not know yet since this meeting happened yesterday.

I believe that the Michigan Kroger Division would know what they were taking about- I mean since they are in Michigan (insert sarcasm, lol).

So at this point I am done speculating this issue once I talked to them this morning. The official in print news will not happen to next week. If you have questions, call your Corporate Division– sometimes the best way to get to the bottom of things is going straight to the source. 🙂

The rest of this information is what I initially posted last night:

The day that we’ve all been dreading– Kroger stops doubling coupons in Michigan. I’m so sad. I feel like crying- LOL

I have confirmed it with four different managers this evening that stated that the Michigan Kroger region will stop doubling coupons on May 14, 2014. These four managers- one in Lansing, Flint, Saginaw and another Flint store- they confirmed that there was a meeting today 5/1 and they were informed the policy would change as of 5/14 to stop doubling coupons.
Two other stores stated no changes were being made and they were not aware of any changes.

But I wanted to address this tonight since I’ve had several of you email/pm me (Thank you for the heads up!)

But honestly, if it doesn’t happen on the 14th (it’s confirmed that this is indeed happening), it is going to eventually happen. Other Michigan regions, along with Indiana stopped last year in July. Then Ohio stopped as of May 1st of this year.

So what does that mean for you?

Get all of your doubling in with the MEGA sale ending for our region on 5/4.

Starting 5/14 Kroger will still accept your coupons but they will be at face value only. So if a coupon is valued at .50 cents, you will redeem it for .50 cents. If it is valued at $1.00, it will be redeemed for a $1.00.

I know it’s going to be hard to adjust to, but we will get through this together!
What do you need to do:

Join our Kroger Michigan only Facebook group so you can talk with other shoppers in your area so we can continue to save together.

We will get through this together and STILL save money!

Be on the lookout for more coupon tips on how we will save without doubles. I actually have been doing well without doubling of coupons. I know for the shoppers at the $1 dollar stores, this is going to HURT you quite a bit. But again, we will get through this together!

So be sure you’re following us on facebook, our private Michigan facebook group, our main facebook group and signing up for the newsletter (up at the top of the page).

Also be sure to check out deals for this week:

Let me know your thoughts? How will the stopping of the doubling coupon policy effect you??

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