Changes coming to Meijer Weekly Sales + Ad

Changes coming to Meijer Weekly Sales + Ad

Changes coming to Meijer Weekly Sales + Ad

Changes coming to Meijer Weekly Sales + Ad

With everything going in our country, we have so many changes happening with the grocery stores. Yesterday I shared the information below about the changes to the Meijer Weekly Ad and sales. Meijer made another announcement this morning about precautions and safety measures when shopping. You can check out that post here. 

If you’ve checked out the Meijer Ad, you’ll notice it is only four pages long. 

Here’s the deal- this is the LAST ad Meijer will be running until summer (right now June is the date). This information has been shared unofficially from Meijer but confirmed by sources. If something changes, I will post an update. 

What does this mean?

This means after this week, THERE WILL BE NO WEEKLY AD. The last ad (for a while) starts on Sunday, 4/5, and ends 4/11. On 4/13, there will be no weekly sales ad. If you haven’t noticed, you may see your store displaying fewer sales now because the stock is low or wiped out. 

Does this mean the 10 for 10 will stop?

YES. Again, no weekly ad means no weekly sales. It’s possible we may see unadvertised 10 for 10 deals happening, depending on the stock and store. But we will not see a regular ad where every store will run the same sale. 

Will Meijer have ANY sales?

From what I’ve gathered, each Meijer store may run unadvertised sales. We all know what’s happening around our country right now. Food prices are up. Stock in the store VARIES from store-to-store. People can’t find tissue paper, meat, and other items that are advertised in the weekly ad, so Meijer and other stores are stopping their weekly sales. 

This is where community matters. We won’t know about any sales UNLESS you happen to be in the store shopping. If you do see an unadvertised sale happening at your store, please share it, along with the store. Again, each store will operate differently depending on the stock they have that week. Be sure to join us in the Meijer group! 

How am I supposed to budget my food bill?

I know so many of you depend on the sales to stretch your budget. I know this is a difficult time for all of us. In the next week, I will be sharing what our family is doing and why I do not depend on sales to get us through this weird time in our country. Use digital coupon apps like mPerks, cashback apps like Ibotta, Checkout51, Fetch, etc. If you have space, now is the time to start thinking about planting a garden. You may also want to look for local farmers in your area to get meat, eggs, etc. Shop BULK. Sam’s Club and Costco are great stores to shop at right now. I have been doing the bulk of my shopping there for several years now, but now I am going every week. They can keep their stock filled quicker than stores like Meijer, Kroger, and Walmart. ALDI and Walmart may also be options to consider, with their prices being slightly lower than Meijer or Kroger (without sales). 

In short, you will need to depend on the stockpile you have built up to help you get through these times. It’s time to get creative with EASY and cheap budget dinner ideas. Here’s a list of ideas to check out:

Meijer: 20 Slow Cooker Meals Under $100 Bucks (this is based on Meijer regular prices)

20 Instant Pot Recipes (based on Meijer’s regular prices)

25 recipes using Spaghetti

50 Dinner Ideas for around $5 per meal

$5 Dollar Dinner Ideas

5-ingredient or less Dinner Ideas

Cheap Dinner Ideas for families

30 Dump + Go Dinner Ideas

Let me know if you have any questions. I am here to help! 

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