7 Ways to Save Money at Sam’s Club

Shopping in bulk is a great way to save money! I love shopping at Sam’s Club, and over the years have found ways to save and get the most bang for my buck. I’m sharing some of my best ways to save money at Sam’s Club!

7 Ways to Save Money at Sam’s Club

7 ways to help you save money at Sam's Club
Buying in bulk is, in general, a great way to save cash, and Sam’s Club is the perfect place to do just that! And while buying in bulk at Sam’s Club is a wise move, did you know there are other Sam’s Club shopping tips sure to save you dough? Look at these 7 ways to save money at Sam’s Club and see how you can make the most of your shopping dollar after you walk through the doors. Here is what you need to know!

1. Make a beeline for the back of the store.
Before you even start your shopping make a beeline to the back where the clearance items are. These items are updated and changed out daily and supplies are limited, so it is important to check that section as soon as you get there. Otherwise, something you want can be snatched up!

2. Get there early for meat markdowns.
Sam’s Club does their meat markdowns in the mornings in hopes that the meat items sell during that work day. Shop early and you can enjoy the first pick when it comes to discounted meat. Most of these deals will be picked over by the afternoon, so get there early and save.

3. Take advantage of cheap and FREE eats.
Hungry? Sam’s Club is cheaper than most cafes and eateries. Enjoy cheap lunch items and fill up for less. If you don’t want to spend a dime on food, Sam’s Club has some of the best food samplings around! Just browse the aisles and taste the latest food offerings for free. And don’t worry, Sam’s Club puts samples out with the intent that people try them. There is no need to be ashamed or afraid to help yourself to a sample or two!

4. See if you qualify for free prescriptions.
While you have to have the upgraded shopping plan, you can get certain prescriptions filled for free at Sam’s Club. Not all prescriptions will qualify, but it is worth checking to see if yours does. If so, you can get up to five free fills a month!

5. The best deals are on the end caps/outside aisles.
Some Sam’s Club shoppers swear by the outside aisles. Sam’s wants you to find their hottest deals so they don’t bury them. Instead, they show them off by placing hot deals on outside aisles and end caps. Should you be shopping on a budget, this is where you will find the deals.

6. Share a membership.
Remember you can always share a membership with a friend or family member if the cost of membership is an issue. This is a great way to take advantage of the benefits the membership has to offer without taking on the whole price on your own. I will post deals from time to time where you can save on a membership, plus get a free gift card and free food! 

7. Don’t forget all the benefits!
Sure you can buy lots of amazing items in bulk, but did you know your membership can also get you discounted gas? What about discounted liquor? Did you know that Sam’s Club offers automotive care? Caskets and urns? You would be amazed at what Sam’s offers aside from just bulk paper products! So be sure you do your research and check out all the benefits you are entitled to with your membership! You might just be surprised.

Sam's Club Scan and Go App

Also be sure to download Sam’s Go scan and go app. This allows you to scan your items as you are placing them in your shopping cart. I can keep track of how much I am spending as I go along, versus waiting until I’m at the check-out and have to make the decision to put something back. This scan and go app not only helps me stay on track of my spending but saves SO much time since I don’t have to wait in line. Once I’m ready to check-out, I hit the check-out option, it runs the total through my credit card, and boom- I’m done. On the way out, the greeter will scan your receipt and verify your purchases. Every store needs to have this!

You might have known Sam’s Club had good deals, but did you ever imagine you could really push your buck far? Consider these 7 ways to save money at Sam’s Club and see how so many savvy shoppers are really stretching their cash!

Shopping in bulk is a great way to save money! I love shopping at Sam's Club, and over the years have found ways to save and get the most bang for my buck. I'm sharing some of my best ways to save money at Sam's Club!

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