How to Make Valentine’s Day Fit Into Your Budget

Get tips on how to make Valentine’s Day fit into your budget. I’m sharing practical tips that won’t break the bank this Valentine’s Day!

make valentines day fit your budget

How to Make Valentine’s Day Fit Into Your Budget

With Valentine’s Day being less than two months after the holidays, most people are still recovering from the spending they did and have a hard time fitting Valentine’s Day into their budgets. Here are 10 Ways to make Valentine’s Day Special and fit it into your budget:

If you have your heart set on getting your Valentine flowers, make sure you get the best deal. Skip a dozen roses because they will be the most expensive. Instead, get in-season flowers and make the arrangement yourself.

Do love notes. Make sure you place them everywhere you can think of. Make it a game between the two of you. Place one in lunches, on bathroom mirrors, and in cars. Finding these throughout the day can really make an impression and a memorable time.

Did you do something special and frugal on your first date? Play it out again! Of course, you won’t be able to find the same movie in the theater, but you could rent it and watch at home.

Spend some time making your own chocolate-covered strawberries. It can be fun, messy and romantic. The good news is, it is also thrifty. For less than $10 you can do this at home.

Go around and ask for free samples at local candy or chocolate shops. Spend the day taking a tour of the best chocolate shops in your area and come home and snuggle.

Hold a “contest” between the two of you to see who can spend the least amount of money and make the day the best. The competition should be great to see when it comes together!

Do a scrapbook page together of your favorite memory. This could either be an activity you do together or a gift you present your love.

If you do a dinner out, make sure you don’t pay more than you need by getting any coupons you can as well as eating at non-peak times such as lunch. If you are really strapped for cash, you could just go out for dessert at a fancy place instead of an entire meal.

Scour the local paper for free events going on, on Valentine’s Day.  Many communities have ‘Sweetheart’s Dances” at local Senior centers that are open to the public of any age. Get a glimpse into the future by going and seeing how much love the elder generation has for each other.

Buy Flowers at a discount and make your own arrangement. You can buy flowers cheaper at grocery stores than floral shops and with a little help from the dollar store, you can make a very nice arrangement. (you can check sites like Groupon for a 50% off deal)

Lastly, remember that with Valentine’s Day, it really is the thought that counts. Don’t get too hung up on spending money and instead think of ways you can spend time, even if all it is, is a walk in the local park.

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Here are some more Valentine’s Day tips, ideas, and recipes to try:

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