How To Have A Luxury Vacation On A Shoe String Budget

How To Have A Luxury Vacation On A Shoe String Budget

Everyone is always asking the question of How To Have A Luxury Vacation On A Shoe String Budget.  The quickest answer is to not expect it to happen easily, or to be simple.  However, anyone can be able to have an amazing luxury vacation on even a small budget.  Work and think outside the box to create a great vacation that will give your family all the things they want without breaking the bank.

How To Afford A Luxury Vacation On A Shoe String Budget

How To Have A Luxury Vacation On A Shoe String Budget

Let your credit cards pay for it.  I know, that sounds crazy, right?  Reality is, if you have good credit and can manage to use your credit cards to pay bills each month, you can easily pay those off monthly while earning rewards points.  You have to stay dedicated and pay off monthly to make sure you aren’t creating debt.  Use it to pay things like your cable bill, subscription services, utility bills or even your mortgage when possible.

Nearly every credit card brand has either a cash back or rewards points program available.  You can cash in your rewards cash at the end of the year and put into savings, or you can use the rewards points for free flights, hotel costs or even things like luggage, clothing and resort fees.  American Express, Capital One and Discover offer the best rewards programs.

Use coupons for everything.  We tell you all the time to coupon for food and beauty products, but you can also coupon for your vacation.  Groupon is an amazing place to pick up super discounted flights or resort stays.  You can also look for deals on for restaurants at your destination to save tons on your food costs.  For things like amusement parks, movies and other entertainment, don’t hesitate to look on their websites for coupon offers, or contact the local chamber of commerce and ask for a coupon book on local attractions.

Work the surveys and online rewards.  At the end of the day, you usually just need to come up with a bit of extra income to afford those luxury vacations.  By using surveys, online rewards and even doing things like selling items on eBay, Craigslist or local classified groups you fund your vacation without taking money from your regular family budget.  This gives you funds that can go directly into savings without feeling any guilt or concern about not meeting your family needs.

Give up your unnecessary expenses to save.  Yes, the Starbucks has to go.  That, along with the weekly pedicure, getting your hair done or buying new craft items on sale can totally zap your budget.  Put that money directly into your vacation budget and you’ll find the funds to pay for the resort in no time.

Go for shorter trips.  Sometimes it isn’t about where you go, but for how long.  Instead of going to Disneyland for a full week, instead focus on giving your family the resort on site hotel stay for 2-3 days.  A shorter luxury vacation may be just what you need to stay in budget yet feel like you are living like a king.

These tips for how to go on a luxury vacation on a shoe string budget are really simple.  It’s all about how you look at your expenses and create room in your budget to allow yourself the things you want.  For some, designer clothing and jewelry are a want they value.  For others, a trip to Disneyland or the the beach in Florida is desirable.  Focus your energy toward providing your family with the vacation they want by thinking outside the box.

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