17 Haunted Places In Michigan

Looking for things to do in Michigan for October? Have some scary fun with 17 Haunted Places to check out in Michigan

Looking for things to do in Michigan for October? Have some scary fun with 17 Haunted Places to check out in Michigan!

Looking for things to do in Michigan for October? Have some scary fun with 17 Haunted Places to check out in Michigan

It’s hard to believe we’re in October already! I feel like just yesterday I was excited about starting summer vacation! Do you have anything fun planned this month? This is a great time to check out pumpkin patches, pick up Halloween costumes, and have fun celebrating Halloween. I’m not a big into Halloween, but I have a few things to share for those who are looking for scary fun this month!

So maybe you have been around Michigan around and looking for something NEW and haunted to do this month. Here’s a list of 17 places around Michigan that are considered “haunted”. If so, do I have the list of ideas for you to check out:

17 Haunted Places In Michigan

1. Jackson, MI– The Grave of “Little Mary” inside the Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery. Mary McNaughton was born Sept. 5, 1884 and died at the age of 7. The story is Mary’s mother awoke in the middle of the night shouting Mary had been buried alive, the grave was later uncovered and there were scratches on the inside of the lid. There are many reports of her grave being haunted by her cries and scratches.

2. Wayne, MI- Red Apple Restaurant and Inn. In the 1980s a customer was shot by a waitress after receiving a lousy tip. His ghost is said to linger in room 117 and he pulls pranks on patrons like hiding remotes and moving the bible around.

3. Detroit, MI- The Inn on Ferry Street. Two apparitions are seen in this Bed and Breakfast. One is a woman in a wedding dress who walks the halls of the Roehn House and the other is a man, who is rumored to grab your arm if you stay in room 4102 of the Owen House.

4. Howell, MI- Howell Opera House. A painter fell from a scaffold in 1887, fractured an ankle and suffered internal injuries. Those internal injuries ultimately took his life. There are reports of people not feeling “alone” and of apparitions in photos. Could be the painter. There is also reports of “Meredith”, she is said to be the most prominent within the Opera House.

5. Bay City, MI- USS Edson. This naval destroyer was decommissioned in 1988 and spent some time in New York City before being moved to Bay City in 2012. Paranormal Investigators had some “strange happenings” while investigating. There’s also reports of tools being moved and a car mysteriously starting near the ship.

6. Traverse City, MI- Traverse City State Hospital. Built in 1885 as the Northern Michigan Asylum, it was almost completely remodeled in the 2000s but some original structure still exists. Although it has no electricity turned on, lights have been known to turn on and off. Ghostly children roam the halls and you can hear screams and echoes coming from the rooms.

7. Huron Charter Township, MI- Waltz Inn. The owners and staff have seen a ghostly man, he turns lights on and off and moves objects.

8. Mackinac Island, MI- That’s right, the WHOLE island is said to be haunted. They even do ghost tours to explore the most ghostly areas of the island. Fort Mackinac (has been explored by SyFy Channel’s Ghost Hunters) is said to be one of the most haunted on the island and also Missio Point which is haunted by a young man who shot himself after a heartbreak.

9. Kalamazoo, MI- Henderson Castle. Currently is a Bed and Breakfast. Investigators report fresh writing in dust, being touched and hearing voices.

10. Livonia, MI- Rotary Park. Reports of sounds and screams along the natural trails as well as apparitions of little girls in white dresses have been spotted. Rumors are the girls were murdered there in the woods.

11. Paulding, MI- The Paulding Light. This one is certainly interesting! A mysterious light appears almost every night between Paulding and Watersmeet. People say the light appears to be someone carrying a lantern, and it’s suspected it’s a railroad worker who died while changing the tracks. Nobody has been able to figure out the cause of this light.

12. Holly, MI- Holly Hotel. Now strictly a restaurant, there have been quite a few sightings and happenings here. Mr. Hirst, former owner, can be heard laughing. Nora Kane is often seen in the bar and back hall and a lot can smell her flowery perfume. The kitchen is also very active with giggling and moving items (the meat cleaver is a favorite!), suspected to be a child. Many more have been heard, including Leona, Hirst’s terrier. Leona can be heard barking and running the halls, she even brushes up against people’s legs!

13. Mason, MI- The Jewett House. Purchased by the Jewett Family in the 20s and was converted to a funeral home that ran until 1990. It turned into a rental home and people move in and out very quickly due to occurrences. Reports as nightly whistling, footsteps, voices, balls moving around and the smell of cigar smoke.

14. Presque Isle, MI- Old Presque Isle Lighthouse. There are tales of screams coming from the tower, which are rumored to be a keeper’s wife who had been locked in there. In the 1990s George Parris and his wife became the keepers and do tours of the lighthouse. When Parris passed the permanently disabled light continues to come on every night and turn off every morning. Lighthouse and grounds are open to public Mid May through Mid October.

15. Ferndale, MI- Machpelah Cemetery. Said to be haunted by phantom sounds of bells and screaming from around 12am – 3am.

16. Houghton Lake, MI- Anchor Inn. Lots of things here, full body apparitions, orbs, mists, objects moving, faucets on/off, people being touched, doors slamming, footsteps and so much more. Most all who visit get evidence!

17. Allegan, MI- The Grill House. Jack, the Lumberjack, was killed in the front room when it was a bar. Rumor says he haunts the house with his dog. He always appears in white shirts.

Did we leave anything out? Drop a comment below and let me know!


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  1. david
    February 12, 2017

    I’ve heard that the Red Apple motel (in Wayne, MI) is haunted, and at first did not believe it until I stayed there myself. Embarrassingly, I stayed there one time with a friend to test this out (in Room 117, formerly #17 before they added a second floor), and nothing happened. But then I tried it one more time, alone this time, and I kid you not, some weird, although non-threatening, things happened. The first thing was that the bathroom light turned on while I was watching TV. I got up to turn it off, and then I felt an immediate coldish breeze pass around me and thru me. It didn’t turn on again. But in the middle of the night I woke up because I heard a loud clap, like the toilet seat fell down. When I checked, the toilet seat was down. And I know I kept it up, cuz I knew I’d have to pee again later on. I know these seem like dumb incidents, but they freaked me out. I wanna stay there again and maybe bring a Ouija.

  2. Amanda
    April 26, 2020

    Bath Mi! There is a memorial park where the Bath School massacre happend.

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