DIY Halloween Candy Jars

Try this DIY Halloween Candy Jars, a place to store your Halloween candy. 

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DIY Halloween Candy Jars

These Candy Jars spruce up a plain jar to hand your candy out this Halloween. They are very easy to make and look so cool! They’re easy, affordable, and quick! Let’s get started!

Money Spent: $2
Time Spent: 20 minutes
Supplies: Glass Jars (bought at the dollar store for $1 each) and Puffy Paint (I already had it on hand, but it can be found at stores like Wal-Mart and any craft store for about $1 a bottle)

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-Starting first with the bloody jar, you’re going to simply take red puffy paint and begin to make squiggly lines going down from the top of the jar to give off the illusion of blood dripping! Make sure you do not make them all the same length because that makes them appear fake.

*You could also do blood coming up from the bottom if you wanted to make your jar look really bloody. I chose to just stick coming from the top because I thought it simply looked better!

-Now moving onto the spider webs! You can do this in any color really. I chose white, but I think that using black or purple would also look cool! Anyways, spider webs are a bit more difficult than dripping blood, but they aren’t too hard! You’re going to start by drawing lines about 4 or 5 in different directions coming all from the same point, kinda like a sun image. Next, draw a half-circle to connect all the lines continue doing this until you reach the bottom of your lines. It should look like a spider web now! Simply repeat this all over the whole jar, you can connect your webs throughout or keep them all separate! It’s all personal preference!

I hope you all enjoy this craft. It’s just a simple way to spruce up a plain glass or plastic bowl or jar when you’re handing out your candy on Halloween! Enjoy!

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