Boredom Busters: 20 Fun and Frugal Kids Summer Activities

20 fun and frugal kids summer activities

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Boredom Busters: 20 Fun and Frugal Kids Summer Activities

Are your kids screaming, I’M BORED?

While summer is in full swing and just in case you run out of activities to keep them “busy”….. here are a few more to add to your list of things to do! This week I went to a new store in town called 5 Below and brought a lot of outdoor activities for the boys to do this week! They went through them on the first day! Go figure 😉

Are you already nervous at the thought of the kiddos being home all summer? Can you already hear them complaining about being bored? You might think that in order to keep them occupied, you need to dip into your wallet. But the truth is, there are plenty of fun activities your kids can do this summer that will keep beating their boredom on a budget! Below, you will find 20 fun and frugal kids’ summer activities to keep them busy while giving your wallet a break at the same time.

Take a look at how easy it is going to be this summer to keep your kiddos entertained. In fact, you can print out this list and give one of these activities a try each day!

20 Fun and Frugal Kids Summer Activities:

1. Call the local fire station and ask for a tour. Most will be happy to do this, as will local bakeries, farms, and more.

2. Attend make and take clinics at your local craft stores. Kids can enjoy making all sorts of craft items usually for free, you just have to RSVP.

3. Have a picnic at your local park. Let the kids plan the menu and take outdoor games with you.

4. Attend free movie opportunities offered by your local cinemas. Most hosts these during the summer months offering older flicks. {$1 Movies going on at Regal Cinema}

5. Make your own fruit juice popsicles in an ice tray. All you need is juice, an ice tray, and toothpicks. Yummy!

6. Plant a garden together using dollar store seeds and supplies. You can do small ones in flowerpots if you wish.

7. Go on a nature walk where you collect samples of what you find. Plastic baggies with each child’s name will do the trick!

8. Go bird watching. Listen to bird calls online so you know what to listen for. You can even give your kids a disposable camera from the dollar store to take pictures of what they see.

9. Plug in the sprinkler and host a neighborhood bike wash. You can charge .25 cents and raise money for a charity of you wish!

10. Set up a backyard obstacle course. Time each child as they run through it.

11. Hide rocks and small toys in the sandbox and allow kids to excavate them. Give them spoons and shovels if needed.

12. Visit a local thrift store for dress-up clothes such as scarves, hats, gloves, dresses, and jewelry. Have a fashion show.

13. Have a bike parade. Decorate bikes with balloons and streamers and bike to music.

14. Have a fun sensory experience with shaving cream. Mix it with food coloring and play with it on the sidewalk.

15. Take advantage of free days at local children’s museums and zoos. Just call them for more info.

16. Patronize the eateries that offer free kids meals.

17. Get dollar sundaes and spend an evening watching stars and looking for constellations.

18. Make your own bird feeders from pinecones dipped in peanut butter and seed.

19. Visit a local farmer’s market to see all of the fresh foods and crafts.

20. Call your local city offices to find out when free events such as festivals, markets, fireworks shows, concerts, art demos, and more are offered. {If you’re in the Mid-Michigan area, go HERE for a list of events going on}

21. Free Summer Bowling programs

22. Free Summer Reading programs

See how easy it is to enjoy fun and frugal summer activities with your kids? These activities are great for all ages, and you will notice that many can be done even on rainy or really hot days. Plus, many can be done either free or with minimal cost. Forget about being bored this summer, these boredom busters are sure to do the trick!

So which ones are you looking forward to trying?

Before you go, be sure to pin this to your summer or kids activities boards!


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