5 Free Fall Date Night Ideas

Free Fall Date Night Ideas

5 Free Fall Date Night Ideas

Every couple needs to spend a few hours alone routinely to connect and make sure that romance stays kindled. Dates can get pricey and especially when you have children it can be tough to manage financially to give your spouse or partner a special night out. There are still some great ways to save money and still manage a romantic and fun night in or out with the one you love. Below are my favorite Fall-themed date nights that are either FREE or super cheap. Also, if you want MORE ideas, be sure to check out my newest post on 99 Fall Date Night Ideas that are cheap or FREE!! 

Free Fall Date Night Ideas

5 Free Fall Date Night Ideas

(1)    Visit a local orchard.  If you live in an area that has fruit orchards (apple and pear specifically) the early Fall months are the best time to go for a visit.  Some orchards will even let you grab a basket and pick up any fruit that has fallen from the tree for free or a small reasonable fee.  A romantic stroll through an orchard is fun in itself but if you happen to come home with enough apples to make a fresh apple pie or cobbler it turns into a date and dessert night. (Uncle John’s Cedar Mill is a favorite of mines)

(2)    Star Gaze.  Set up a blanket in your backyard and download one of the many stargazing apps to your phone and lay there looking for different constellations.  A cheap bottle of wine or just a thermos of hot cocoa and some cookies can make this a delightful way to end an evening just the two of you.  It’s even a great romantic evening you can enjoy with the kids at home.  Simply tuck them in bed for the night, grab the baby monitor so you can hear if they need you, and head outside.

(3)    Visit an Art Gallery.  Many galleries are free to the public and if you are art lovers it’s a great place to go for free that you can dress up a bit, talk about adult subjects and remind each other why you fell in love before kids came along. (locally, I know the Eli and Edythe Broad Museum is free!)

(4)    Create Your Own Drive-In Theater.   Many local public libraries allow you to check out a projector for free or a small deposit that is refunded upon return.  Rent your favorite romantic movie at the local $1 kiosk or grab one from your existing collection.  Setup the projector in your backyard and use a bedsheet pinned to your garage door or the back of your house as a screen and watch a movie snuggled together in the front seat of your car, or even just on a blanket in the back lawn.  Pop your own popcorn, make hot cocoa or sip wine.  Make out like teenagers and giggle under the stars.

(5)    Go On a Hike, Go Fishing, or For a Late Night Boat Ride.  If you both like to fish, load up the tackle box and poles and head out to your favorite secluded location.  If you like the outdoors but prefer to go hiking overfishing, tie on your boots, pack a small snack and head out to a local trail, state park or just explore near where you live.  If you already own a boat, load up and take an evening cruise on a local lake to watch the sunset together.

It’s easy to think outside the box to do something fun or just the two of you that don’t cost much.  The cooler temperatures that come with Fall allow you a lot more outdoor options that appeal to both sexes.  It doesn’t take something fancy or expensive to show your lover they are important to you and how much you want to spend time with them.


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  1. September 16, 2015

    these are all awesome ideas! thanks for sharing ♥

    • September 17, 2015

      Thanks for stopping by Tianna! I love free ideas!

  2. September 21, 2015

    These are great ideas! With a new baby at home, it’s difficult to think about going out after she’s in bed, but for some reason I never thought about going out and spending an evening in the backyard. That would be so easy, and we wouldn’t even have to worry about a babysitter. I might just have to do that this weekend. 😉

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