How to Coupon Without Becoming Overwhelmed

Just starting out on how to coupon? Use these tips to help you coupon without becoming overwhelmed by the whole process! 

how to coupon without being overwhelmed

How to Coupon Without Becoming Overwhelmed

If you have recently started couponing, you will likely agree that it can be a very overwhelming process. You want to be successful with it, but it seems there is so much to learn and remember! Fortunately, there are ways to go about couponing that will not lead to blurry eyes and headaches. Below are a few tips that will allow you to save your family money without stressing you out.

1. Learn the coupon lingo before you begin.

Many couponing blogs use abbreviations or specific jargon that can be confusing for someone starting out. A good rule of thumb is to learn how to speak coupon so you will understand the deals and scenarios that are shared on these sites. Using a reference guide is a great idea, and before you know it, you will be speaking Coupon-ese too!

2. Start your couponing in one store only.

Seeing the experts doing 10 hour days of shopping, hitting 5 stores on their trip and saving hundreds of dollars can make you want to jump in headfirst and try to do what they do. However, this is the quickest route to coupon overwhelm. Instead, take the time to learn one store before tackling them all. Each store has different policies when it comes to coupons, so you should learn how to follow – and take advantage – of them before adding more stores to your trips.

3. Keep your coupons organized.

Getting a binder of file folder is highly recommended if you are going to be using lots of coupons. Not knowing where they coupons you need each week are can become a huge headache. It’s best to clip inserts as soon as you bring them home so the coupons can be filed immediately. If you purchase lots of inserts each week, at least clip 3 of them to have the coupons on hand before filing the rest.

Couponing can be a very rewarding hobby, but if you try to tackle too much of it at once, it can quickly become a chore. Take your time learning the steps and before you know it, you will be paying pennies for your entire grocery bill!

Be sure to check out our Coupon 101 Section to get more tips and resources on how to coupon!

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