How to afford Christmas on a budget

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Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank. I’m sharing how to afford Christmas on a budget with a few simple gift ideas, an inexpensive Christmas activity, and a way to save on Christmas decor and essentials.

Christmas doesn't have to break the bank. I'm sharing how to afford Christmas on a budget with a few simple gift ideas, inexpensive Christmas activity, and a way to save on Christmas decor and essentials.

How to afford Christmas on a budget

As we step into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I want to share a few things about the giving season. So many people get stressed out about the number of presents to buy, expensive decorations, the food, and all of the expenses that come with celebrating the Christmas season.

First, you should never buy more than what you can afford in your budget. You should always sit down and make a list of everything you need to buy, and budget accordingly. Also, this season is not just about the gifts. It’s about spending time with those you love, giving to others, good food, and doing those things that make you happy.

You can also find affordable presents, inexpensive decorations, and a ton of ways to get creative without overspending.

Several years ago I stopped using my credit card to pay for Christmas and paid cash. We started the 52 weekly challenge to put money aside each week to pay for Christmas and other big-ticket items.

Another way I save money is by going to Dollar General  for Christmas decor and supplies, and even gift ideas. Dollar General is not just any dollar store! They carry some quality items, including many brands we are all familiar with, like Black & Decker and Hamilton Beach.

Gift ideas that won’t break the bank

I stopped by my local Dollar General store and keep up with some awesome gift ideas. It’s always the thought that count, and you should give what you can afford to give.

Gift ideas that won't break the bank

Gift Idea: Picture Frame: For $8 you can get a nice picture frame from Dollar General. Then, using your smartphone, take a photo of the kids, yourself, nature, etc. and put it in this frame. This would be a great gift idea for your parents, aunts, etc. Here’s an example. Last year, my sister got my youngest son a framed picture of Goku, our Boston Terrier. This cost her five bucks. Do you know we were almost in tears about this gift that was inexpensive, but yet priceless? Goku passed away a few weeks before Christmas. My sister made a collage of different photos she got from my social media account and framed them. My son LOVED it. So, don’t knock this idea. He received several expensive gifts, but this thoughtful gift meant the world to him and our whole family.

Gift ideas that won't break the bank

Gift Idea: Small appliances: Dollar General carries a variety of small appliances for $5- $15 bucks. You can pick up a mixer for $10 or small slow-cooker for the same price. Buy a few kitchen utensils, put it all in a gift basket and wrap it up. This would be a great gift idea for college students, newlyweds, or someone just moving into their first apartment. This type of small appliance would also be great for the office breakroom.

Gift ideas that won't break the bank

Wrapping paper, gift tags, tape, tissue paper and more! Don’t go out and buy expensive wrapping paper and gift tags. You can easily spend a ton of money on something that’s going to get ripped up and tossed in the trash. Dollar General carries a wide range of these supplies, and they have some gorgeous choices! And their gift boxes are beautiful (see an example in the photo above).

Cheap Christmas Activity Boxes

 Christmas Eve Boxes

Another way to celebrate the season without breaking the bank is to put together a Christmas Eve Box, picking up everything you need from Dollar General. I picked up a $5 movie, cookie mix, cookie cutters, Christmas mug for hot cocoa or milk, a jar to put the cookies in, Christmas cards, and a festive pot holder for under 10 dollars. They also had these adorable Christmas bins for $5, so I grabbed that as well.

how to put together a  Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Activity Boxes are pretty popular. Many people put one together for Christmas Eve, which usually includes some type of cookie recipe, a movie, and a craft to do together as a family. This one is super inexpensive, giving you several things to do with your family at Christmastime on a budget.

how to put together a  Christmas Eve Box

Isn’t this so cute? And it didn’t take a lot of money or time to put this box of fun together!

Dollar General is more than just a Dollar Store

Dollar General carries so many great gift ideas, Christmas decorations, and home decorations.

Gift ideas that won't break the bank

What a great deal on a Christmas tree!

Gift ideas that won't break the bank

And grab Christmas lights under 3 dollars!

You will also find air fryers, headphones, toys, blankets and a ton of other great Christmas gift ideas for an affordable price.

It should never be about the dollar amount of a gift, but the thought that counts. Using Dollar General, you can come up with some great gift ideas, Christmas decorations, and more at budget-friendly prices. So, don’t stress about not being able to afford the holidays. You can get creative as I did, using digital coupon offers, and the store promotions, I was able to score all of my gifts and decorations for 48 dollars.

You can find a ton of great inspiration on how to decorate your home and celebrate the holidays, Explore More DG Home Goods.

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