10 Ways To Shop Smart At Whole Foods

10 Ways To Shop Smart At Whole Foods

I love shopping at my local Whole Foods, and these 10 Ways To Shop Smart At Whole Foods are my personal list. These tips have helped me manage being overwhelmed in a store full of amazing products, all while keeping in my grocery budget. If you have a Whole Foods near you, don’t hesitate to head over to check it out. Even though it is a bit pricier in some areas, it can also be the best low cost choice in others.

10 Ways To Shop Smart At Whole Foods

10 Ways To Shop Smart At Whole Foods

Compare bulk prices to packaged prices. One of the best things about Whole Foods are the bulk bins. While not everything is a great deal, the majority of the bulk bin items are much cheaper than their already packaged competitors. Grains, dry beans, nuts and some cereals are significantly cheaper when purchased in bulk. Compare prices before you grab the bag off the shelf.

Follow your local store on social media. One great thing about my local Whole Foods is their social media is so active. Not only do they post specific store sales on their Facebook and Twitter pages, they sometimes hold special contests there. It’s also a great place to find out about special events and promotions on their calendar.

Use their in store coupons. Stop by customer service and ask for their most recent coupon booklet. Some stores also have a coupon box or coupon board you can visit to grab even more coupons to use. Whole Foods allows you to stack one store coupon with one manufacturer coupon on qualifying items. Check your coupons for double savings!

Skip the popular brands found in other stores. There are tons of popular non-GMO, Organic or Gluten Free brands available in Whole Foods, but before you buy check the prices at local competitors. A lot of times these branded non 365 products are a bit higher priced at Whole Foods versus other grocery stores.

Get to know your butcher. While the prices may remain the same, getting to know your butcher will help you know what the best deals are. The Whole Foods butchers truly know what grass fed beef versus humanely raised beef is. There are subtle differences in types of meat, quality and cuts that can make a huge difference depending on your need or desire. Plus, your butcher may be able to tell you more about when they start marking items down or if they do.

Stock up when produce is on sale. Whole Foods will often have insanely great deals on produce when it is in season. Watch for the sales and stock up. Prepare and freeze these items for future use.

Go to Whole Foods for date night. Whole Foods has become one of our favorite places to grab a bite to eat and a glass of wine on date night. Many stores have a great area to sit and enjoy a meal from their food bar, as well as a place to order coffee, smoothies or a glass of their best wine. It’s cheaper, delicious and on occasion our store has great live entertainment on the weekends.

Try the 365 brand for everything in your pantry. Canned beans, rice, bread and even cheese can all be purchased at a lower price in the 365 brand of products. While not all of these items are organic, most of them are. They have some of the best prices across the board on organic staple pantry items.

Try before you buy. We love the chance to try a sample of different cheeses and deli meats before we purchase. Samples in store at Whole Foods are truly a great way to add something new to your menu plan. The cranberry white cheddar cheese we discovered as a sample last fall has changed our snacking menu drastically.

Read the labels. Yes, Whole Foods is highly organic, non-GMO and typically healthier than other grocery stores. However, there are still many items that are high in fat, carbohydrates and salt. Don’t buy something and assume it is good for you just because it is sold at Whole Foods.

These ways to shop smart at Whole Foods will not only save your budget, but they will help make it a favorite store for you to enjoy heading out to visit.

10 Ways To Shop Smart At Whole Foods

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