10 Weird Ways To Save Money

weird ways to save money, money save ways

Here are a few unique and weird ways to save money. Being frugal means you may try some different tactics to save, but they can really work! Check out these ten ideas down below. 


Lately here on the blog, we’ve been talking about all the ways you can save money in our money save ways series. In the quest to save as much money as possible, it really is about getting creative. This can mean giving up certain things, but it can also mean finding new ways to do things. Here are some weird ways you can save some money that might be worth looking into.

10 Weird Ways To Save Money

1. Potty train your cat. If you have ever seen the movie, “Meet The Parents”, you know that Jinxy the cat does his business on the family’s toilet. This is not just a Hollywood ploy. It can actually be done with certain cats. Be aware that it can take a long time to do it along with tons of patience, but it can mean not having to buy litter anymore. This can save you $5-10 or more per month, depending on how many cats you potty train. You also need a second bathroom to do the training in. To find out more info, there are tons of videos on youtube.

2. Start an urban garden. You can grow some vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, beans, and peas in fairly small containers, even if all the room you have is a sunny city balcony. While it might now be a lot, you will at least save yourself some money come harvest time. During the offseason, you can also re-grow many types of produce such as green onions, celery, and lettuce by simple placing the roots in water.

3. Volunteer for medical research. You can save money on prescription medicines as well as Dr checkups by participating in medical research. Not only do you get free checkups, but you also get paid for these trials. You can find them by looking online in your area, checking out want ads and calling local medical labs. We have actually participated in a few studies at Michigan State University and have been able to rack up some Meijer Gift Cards and cash in the process. Totally worth it (it was more or studies, nothing damaging or extensive).

4. Dumpster dive. If you need furniture, this should be your first stop. You will often find great pieces that are in perfect or almost perfect shape by dumpsters, especially in college towns. Just follow some lines of etiquette such as not going on people’s property and making sure the item really is for throw-away.

5. Stop eating meat. If you can’t bring yourself to do this, consider dropping one meat main meal once a week. Depending on your family size, this could save you $50 or more a month in grocery expenses. We definitely cut back on eating meat. We do not eat meat every night in our house- and not only does this save you money, but also healthy for you too!

6. Stop paying for things by mail. You will not only save money on stamps, envelopes, and checks, but you will find it might be more convenient and instant to pay with auto-payments or by debit card. This is super easy that we all can do!

7. Take shorter showers and flush less often. Save money on your water bill by timing showers and by flushing the toilet less often. A lot of people only flush when there is solid waste. Flushing a toilet is a huge waste of water. 

8. Learn to barter services or objects. Places like Craigslist and freecycle.org have bartering systems in place for items that you may no longer want. Barter for services with those that you know. Maybe you have a friend that cuts hair and needs a baby sitter one night a month? Ask if they would be willing to cut your hair in exchange for sitting services. We do this with some of our friends that have kids. Totally a GREAT money saver!

9. Give up feminine products. You can make your own cloth pads or buy them. This is quite an extreme way to save money for some people, but the amount you will save is worth it to them. Another weird way to save money on paper products? Give up toilet paper and use washable rags. I remember watching an episode of Extreme Cheapskates and saw a lady on the show that cuts out old clothes/rags and uses them for toilet paper. I don’t think this tip will work for me, but it may just work for you!

10. Open– I want to hear from YOU. What’s one weird way to save money? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say!

You can find more GREAT money save ways tips in our money save ways section of the blog!

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  1. March 26, 2014

    I pay almost all of my bills electronically, however I still receive loads of mail with return envelopes. I save these and use them things that need to beveled building necessarily need s clean envelope. Like sending money to school for field trips or lunch,

  2. I love paying bills electronically. Some I have set up to auto pay so in addition to saving me money it saves me time! No matter how many bills I signed up for electronically, I still get mail with return envelopes. I save these and use them for things that need to be sealed or put in something, but don’t necessarily need a fresh new envelope – lunch money for school, permission slips, saving coupons or receipts…. I haven’t bought “real” envelopes in a while.

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