Savvy Savings Strategies To Use During The Holiday Season


Savvy Savings Strategies To Use During The Holiday Season

Here are some savvy savings strategies to use during this 2012 Holiday Season!

If you are just now starting your Holiday Shopping, please don’t panic! While you are jumping in the game a little late… you can still save $$ during this season.

The reason why I say you are jumping in the game late is due to the best toy deals in the summer and great deals all year long! Also shopping off-season is another great time to shop, and shopping AFTER Christmas is a great way to save EVEN more.

So use these tips to help you save now and get a jump-start on your list for next year!

  • The biggest thing I teach and tell people is to change the way you shop! Don’t go to the store with a list in your hand and say I need this, that, and this over there. Always look at the Ad and see what’s on sale. Do I have coupons for and is this the lowest price?
  • If you cannot afford to buy it, DON’T BUY IT!
  • Use Cash. Avoid using Credit Cards.. it will come back to haunt you in fees!!!
  • If you can, go for the door buster deals during Black Friday! Those are going to the BEST Deals. If you miss some other deals, you will probably seem them circle again. {The doorbuster deals are the ones the stores use to get you into the store. However, they usually only have a limited quantity on hand}.
  • Use Layaway when applicable, but be careful of layaway fees. You can view HERE what stores are participating in layaway plans this year!
  • Start planning your Black Friday Strategy NOW. You can view all of the Black Friday Ads HERE  If you have friends or family nearby, form shopping groups. Not only is it fun to shop in groups, you can divide and conquer! Plus if you’re standing out in the cold for numerous of  hours each person can be placed into a rotation of 15 minutes! This works and it makes the time go by really fast!
  • Start shopping NOW.  Last year I found a ton of great deals before Black Friday. Sales are popping all over the place to lure consumers to start shopping early.
  • Use Daily Deals sites such as Groupon, Living Social, Deal Chicken, and Amazon Local to score GREAT deals on presents. You may also find vouchers from your favorite retailers that you can use to save even more during the Holiday Season!
  • Make Gifts- Homemade Gifts mean WAY more than a store-brought gift will ever mean to a person. (unless you’re my 7-year-old lol).  I have picked up several ideas over the years and Pinterest is a good place to start!
  • Sign up for UPS My Choice! This is a FREE service that will allow you to schedule when your packages arrive to you, and guarantees that you don’t miss them! (Esp if your packages are always just left at the door)
  • Be sure to check the HOT Amazon Deals-Shop Amazon – Countdown to Black Friday DealsShop Amazon.


Make Money During the Holiday Season:

  • If you don’t like standing in the lands for Black Friday, consider selling donuts, hot cocoa, coffee, water, snacks, etc to the people standing in the lines! You could make a nice little nest egg which can help pay for Christmas.
  • Sell your video games, dvds, electronics, older iPads, game systems, etc to places like Gamestop or Disc Trader (of whatever the name is of your local store). I did this last year and was able to stack up a nice little amount of $$ to use towards my Christmas purchases.
  • If you are shopping online, ALWAYS check for coupon codes. 
  • Make Cash by using sites and apps: such as Shop Kick, Ibotta, Jing-It
  • If you can, pick up a part-time job. Many retailers hire additional workers during this time of year to help with the Holiday season
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