5 Tips for Safe Driving Tips For Moms


5 Tips for Safe Driving Tips For Moms

With all the driving we do as parents, it is easy to forget what we need to do in order to drive safely. Sure, we know the laws and rules of the road and may follow those, but there are things that may be getting in the way of fully driving safely that could present quite a danger to our littlest passengers. Life can get so busy and trying to juggle it can be hard, but here are some tips for safe driving so you and your little ones arrive safely to your many destinations.

Here’s a few tips to remind you about safe driving from the RD 140 Radar System.

1. Never, never, never text while driving. There are campaigns out now that are mostly aimed at teenagers to not text and drive. This is not just a warning to new drivers, but one that everyone should be paying attention to. Texting and driving kills. That second you take your eye off the road to read or answer a text, even just to say, “OK”, something can happen. A child can run out in front of you, a car could run a red light and the road could be unexpectantly slippery. It is not worth it. Turn your phone off when you drive if it is too much of a distraction. Any call or text can wait.

2. Don’t eat while driving. It may seem harmless, but eating takes coordination, especially while multi-tasking, and this is not where your energies should be going. This can be a hard one to give up. It seems like none of us have time to stop and eat sometimes, but think about it; a meal can take as little as 10 minutes to eat. Pull over and eat or at the very least, take a small snack with you that is not messy and can be eaten on the fly.

3. Utilize technology to drive safer. Get a navigation device or use one on your phone to help you get somewhere without having to take your eyes off the road. Use the voice directions and have it mounted on your dashboard so you don’t have to fumble to find it. Make sure it is set before you even turn that key in your ignition so you are not trying to input addresses and destinations as you drive down the road.  If you need to make changes to your destination, pull over or have another passenger (adult or older child who knows how to use it) change the settings on it for you. Also using a system like RD 140 Radar System can also help you save yourself from distractions.

4. Make sure you are well rested. This may seem impossible to do when you have a baby, but making sure you are rested enough before you drive, even short distances like across town, is very important. When you are too tired, your reaction time is much slower. This can lead to accidents that can seriously injure you, your child or another person.

5. Don’t get too stressed with the needs of your children. Yes, the baby is screaming and fussing for something. Your toddler is having a meltdown about the seat belt rubbing and you feel at your whit’s end. Don’t try to parent while driving. If you need to tend to a child’s need, pull over. Do not fumble around for binkies in the back seat, try to adjust seat belts while driving or dole out a snack. Remind yourself that there may be a lot going on, but right now, you need to concentrate on driving safely.

Did you know that one second of distraction can cause lives? If you’re interested in learning more information and tips on how to remain safe while driving, you can check out the RD 140 Radar System. This system warns you in the event of imminent danger, giving you the time you need to avoid an accident.

Find out  more information, the benefits of how this can be a safety tip and free feature for you, head over HERE to get more information!

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