5 Ways To Save Money Landscaping

5 ways to save money on landscaping

We’ve been talking about different money save ways tips since the beginning of the year.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for some Spring weather. Spring means warm weather, flowers blooming and beautifying the yard. If you have a landscaping project in mind this Spring, whether large of small, you are probably looking for ways to save money on it.

5 Ways to Save Money Landscaping

Find a home resource place in your area. These are often warehouses where people and businesses donate home DIY materials such as wood, brinks, siding, rocks and landscaping materials for the general public to buy to re-purpose and reuse rather than taking it to the dump. You can save a bundle of money on your projects by purchasing these used materials and some may even be an inspiration for a new project you hadn’t even considered before.

Plan what you will need before you head to the store. Just like any large shopping trip, having a list handy will keep you from overspending and buying materials you don’t need. This means measuring exact lengths of things you will need and talking to someone in the department of the store you are going to, to make sure you don’t find yourself with less material than you need or more of it.

Compare prices. This time of year, many home stores offer great savings, but some can be better than others. Don’t just plan on shopping at one place to get all your materials. Map out where you will be going and ask stores if they do price-matching with competitors. Also, it is still early enough that you may be able to buy a few things that are on sale here and there on separate weeks in order to gather the supplies you need at the lowest possible price.

Rent rather than buy in some cases. For instance, an expensive machine such as a tiller may be cheaper to rent, especially if you won’t be using it more than once. To save even more money, ask your neighbors what projects they will be working on and go in on the fees with them to rent the equipment and take turns using it.

Check out deals online. You may be able to get some great edging on Amazon, for instance, with free shipping that is much lower in cost than what you could by at a brick and mortar store in your area. Be willing to think outside the box when it comes to your purchases.  Additionally, websites like Pinterest can be great places to find low-cost inspiration for do-it-yourself landscaping projects.


What kinds of projects do you have in mind for your yard this Spring? I would love to hear about it and get some inspiration!

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5 Ways To Save Money Landscaping

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